#Repost @chanewie with @repostapp. ・・・ Let’s face it. 🤔 These two incomplete sets represent my greatest, most expensive brush purchases of 2015/ever. And if I want to be 100% honest, the #kihitsu WCS L face brush is my most favorite brush purchase ever! 💕 Def my new number 1 favorite brush (Sturdy, huge, fluffy, yet efficient big mama). #AllHailTheQueen. 😍 Now if I had to pick my second most favorite brush ever, it would be the #koyomo black Hana cheek brush. 👌🏽 I actually prefer it for powdering than the koyomo face. I use it for both powdering and blush. ✍🏾Final thoughts: I must admit that it is because of the lovely #brushfiend community that I even went down this rabbit hole. Best believe I’ll be on a heavy duty diet in 2016 minus a few lemmings (👀customized #takedabrushes 👀). Glad that I am blessed enough to be able to afford the little I have, and to have met the people I have in 2015. I just hope to maintain these new found friendships and be thankful for what I have and not more! Welcome 2016!!! @fudejapan (thanks as always-my friends love sharing the sweets👏🏾) @beautyfude @myramking @laurantaina @toto_850 @starklyanna @makeupbrush_lover (thanks girls!🙏🏾)

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