Croquette コロッケ

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In Japan,  most people take lunch time from 12 to 1PM, so restaurants are very crowded during the hour. I definitely avoid the time!, and these days I buy lunch and eat it at office. 

Today I ate コロッケ (croquette )  

Korokke コロッケ – Japanese Style Croquette

Croquette is very popular as family food, and I guess it is adapted from French croquette.  Not expensive but it fills a stomach quickly)

Croquette is so common that I haven’t paid much attention till I read one small essay written by Haruki Murakami. (see the last picture – that is the book, long long time ago)

There was a croquette restaurant near his house in Tokyo. West of Shinjuku. Only croquette. The cook only makes croquette, and Murakami says it is the best in Tokyo.The menu has only 2 kinds  – croquette lunch and daily lunch.  He cooks a croquette after an order is made. So juicy when Murakami eats it. It is like ‘art.’

The cook doesn’t speak much. It seems that he is married and has one daughter. 

He has a big injury on his face. Rumor has it that he was a yakuza before. But he is so silent that Murakami did not bother him and talk to him. 

I began to pay attention to croquette after I read it. I had thought that croquette was not a big deal but there is a croquette restaurant where one guy supports his family by making only croquette.

Well this may be a real story or not, but Murakami makes it more dramatic with his writing. Now, to me,  ‘croquette’ has a story.

Well I received a letter from Chikuhodo that they’ll increase prices of Itachi products effective on October 1. 

Please reply to me if you need more info, I will send two pictures.