Masks are in high demand in Japan

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I visited the Amplitude shop in Shibuya the other day.

Amplitude is a brand that belongs to the THREE group.

Both are owned by POLA.

Rumiko, which RMK was named after, now create products for Amplitude.

I recognized that many ex-RMK employees are now with Amplitude. They are in love with Rumiko. Amplitude is expanding more and more, starting from Isetan.

I was told by a Laduree shop that RMK has excellent foundations, and Amplitude should be the same as it is created by Rumiko.

This time, I bought the limited eyeshadows.


I found an interesting blog about masks, which are sold out all over Japan due to the coronavirus.

The blogger is saying,

‘If masks are bought more than needed and sold out, people who are infected might not be able to buy them. Those infected, if not wearing masks, might give the virus to other people.’

He is talking from a different viewpoint where masks should be sold to. People who need a mask are those infected.

Japan sends many masks to China. I am sure that some Japanese think it important to distribute them in Japan first.

It is not only liked by Chinese social media, but it may make sense with a view to preventing more from being infected.

This reminds me of ‘Giver’ theory.  A Giver contributes to others, and by doing so, the Giver eventually gets more from an increased base.

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Dior Limited – is it Japan only?

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I received a question if Diorskin face powder and eyeshadow are limited to Japan.

When I reserved them at Dior, I asked this question. She is a makeup artist.

She thought it was Japan limited, but not 100% sure. She has not been informed.

This is what she thinks:

Peter Philips, a top makeup artist in Dior, was inspired by an idea of a Japanese garden, especially Gingko, and created these ‘Gingko’ imaged products.

Besides, Diorskin has developed the whitening product line, targeted to Japanese women. These are Diorskin products.

But it could be sold later in other Asian countries as the Diorsnow products were previously sold.

What I think is that Dior decides later if they expand a product to another country or not.

By the way, I wrote about which brands I like to visit, which ones I don’t.

Dior is one of the best because I know 4 or 5 makeup artists and those are very easy to talk to.

Some of them will take a trip to Malaysia Dior. It must be interesting if you have a chat)

Dior seems to have one or two makeup artists in each shop, and their backstage has not only MA’s but other kinds of specialists – e.g. skincare.

That is different from other brands. Chanel has MA’s but they don’t work at a shop every day. Only at events.

She told me that a person who wants to be an MA studies at makeup school, then studies at Dior and takes some Dior tests to be MA’s.

It sounds like Dior is more open to people who want to work as an MA.

She gave me other information:  the cushion foundation with this special case may be resold in April.

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Limited products – Dior, Laduree, Celvoke

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It is said that the Japanese love saving money. Is it true?

Japanese like saving money?

People want to be assured lifelong or long, to say the least.

This ethics ? was taught  in the Meiji Era( 1868 – 1912 ) when many countries tried to increase weapons to use in wars. 

Saving is good for the government to increase power at that time.

The concept of saving has since been loved by people in Japan. 

There is an argument.

If people spend money, of course, in good ways, it will increase economic power in general, and people will get more wealthy, many economists say.

Of course,  ‘good’ ways are hard to come up with.  

Anyway, it is one of the Japanese traditions.

I talked about Yu Darvish, a baseball player in Chicago, who challenged the traditional way of using a chopstick. 

It is another traditional way which could be challenged.  

It seems to be similar to the ‘Giver’ concept,  where the money is given (?) to people and it eventually increases the money of other people. 

My  father loves saving, my mother loves spending, LOL.

Maybe changing)


I checked the limited products today. 

This is Celvoke eyeshadow 2400yen.

Yokohama Takashimaya will open the first shop, and this is limited to Yokohama.

This is Laduree limited 3840 yen. It comes with a kit.

These are Dior limited.

Lip Maximizer 4440 yen

Face powder 6960 yen

Eyeshadow 9360 yen.

This is not limited. A client of mine sent me a nice picture of Chikuhodo Silver fox brushes.

Thank you. 

Please take a look more.


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Chikuhodo Silver Fox new eyeshadow brushes

Hi Everyone,

I wrote that shop employees wore a mask in my previous newsletter due to the Coronavirus.

Now some brands stopped touch-up. They cannot touch the skin of a client.

Those are Kanebo and Shiseido groups.

So SUQQU, RMK, Lunasol, all in the Kanebo group, and Shiseido, CDP, NARS, IPSA,  all in the Shiseido group,  stopped touch-up. You can try products by yourself, but shop employees only give you advice.


Chikuhodo released new Silver Fox brushes.

Eyeshadow round/flat

Eyeshadow candle type

each 2800 yen

I also visited Hakuhodo today.
Here is a monthly set. 17160 yen


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Now most shop employees wear masks

Hi Everyone,

Due to the Coronavirus, department store employees now wear masks. The only exception was Lancome. 

On the subway, it is 50% of passengers that wear masks, I observe.

By the way,
in Japan, many wear masks even before the Coronavirus.

The purpose is to prevent flu, of course,
but some women wear them when they don’t do makeup)

Did you know?


It is February, and February is a month of entrance exams.

In Japan, school starts in April.
February and March (national universities) are the months of exams.

It is hard for students as it is one-time match. The new system of essay and recommendation started several years ago, but still not finalized.

Junior high schools’ exams start from February 1, and then high schools, private universities, and national universities in March.

Good junior high schools are believed to be better routes to good universities and a good university was a ‘good’ life in Japan.

But now kids want to be something else.

The value of Japanese is changing.

I read an interesting article.
Yu Darvish, a baseball player in Chicago, tweeted,
‘my way of using a chopstick may not be traditional to Japan, but there are many ways.’ 

Some Japanese criticize that he needs to correct his way. Some say it depends on an individual.

Darvish responded that it was his way.
Some believe it should be a traditional way, which is fine for him.

Actually, I like him. 

I like his way of initiating discussions. 

But yes, I know Japanese and some foreigners respect the Japanese tradition and think we should follow it. I respect the tradition. And He is fine with others following the tradition, but he is just doing his own. 

He is saying it is not the only way. 

I guess I am trying to say,

Whether students pass or fail, there will be an interesting life with a value they believe.

Ganbette! (do your best!)

In Japan we arranged western food to a Japanese way. We call it Yoshoku(洋食) which means ‘western food’ but actually is Japanese western food. This is ‘Hamburg’ not Hamburger

In Japan we arranged western food to a Japanese way. We call it Yoshoku(洋食) which means ‘western food’ but actually is Japanese western food. This is ‘Hamburg’ not Hamburger