161 Kihitsu Fupa

Hi Everyone, 

It is raining and it is cold in Tokyo. 

I went to Uniqlo and bought a 3000 yen jacket.

I had my hair cut today. It was 1100 yen.

A typical lunch costs less than 1000 yen, with no tip needed. 

It seems Tokyo is not expensive, believe or not. 


With the coronavirus situation getting calm, Japan will accept visitors from all countries, beginning October 1. 

It is still limited to long-term stays,  but the situation is improving. 


I have a question. 

KIhitsu is considering selling Kakishibu by Kihitsu brand. 

The set is 35000 yen, with a Paulownia box and pouch.

It could be less without the box or pouch. 

Currently sold as a set


It will be a Kihitsu brand, with 喜筆 printed.

I am also asking Kihitsu to sell fupa01, going forward. It is not decided.

I get many orders for fupa01 these days.


There are many pictures of holiday collections posted to the web. 

Please let me know if you are interested.


Attached are Milano Collection of Kanebo, Celvoke and THREE.


Thank you !


160. Fude Matsuri week in Kumano

Hi Everyone,

It is autumn all of a sudden this week.

A four-day weekend began on Saturday. People are now wearing long sleeved shirts. It is not 30℃ anymore. Summer is over.

Autumn is the best of all the seasons in Japan, I think.


In Kumano, Fude Matsuri, the brush festival, has started, but in a different manner this year.

There are events on the zoom you can watch and brush companies will sell brushes at a discount at their web shop.

Outlet types of brushes are usually sold at the market.


I chatted with Kihitsu last week and,

I know Kihitsu will sell many of their brushes at 20% discount.


Here are some links for makeup brushes.




Please let me know if you are interested in buying kihitsu brushes.

I can buy brushes and send them to you.

(cannot be engraved)

I may need to add my fee as I might not have a wholesale contract with some brush makers.


I was told that a book called ‘Life Span’ is interesting.

The author defined ‘being old’ as a kind of disease, which can be prevented.

I realized that I do several things suggested in the book.

Short fasting – I don’t eat 15 hours a day. e.g. if my dinner was 7pm, my breakfast would be after 11am. Well, it is lunch.

Exercise – go to a gym every day ( less than one hour though, otherwise I cannot continue)

Have a cold shower for 30 seconds at the end of a long bath – I get to like this habit.

And maybe this is a Japanese thing, but I eat fermented food every day.

Mainly Natto, and

I love Amazake.

I eat yogurt.

I easily get drunk so I stopped drinking completely one year ago.

I got red so easily and have a headache so I thought it easier to stop drinking. This has nothing to do with the previous habits.

And I don’t smoke, either.

Having said those,

I am not addicted to being healthy,

the only things I ‘try’ are:

short exercise,

natto (LOL)

15 hours’ fasting

cold shower

I am not a doctor and not in the position to give you advice.

It is just a routine I do for myself and each person has own way.


If you can get natto easily in your country, maybe you can try.

Believe me, you will be used to it, LOL.

Thank you for reading!


159 Fude Matsuri at Kumano

Hi Everyone,

In this today’s blog, I want to inform you that the annual Fude Matsuri( Festival) will be held in Kumano next week.

There will be some events at the usual site, but brush sale will be done on the web due to the current situation.


I talked to Kihitsu on how it would work for them.

If you get access to the site, they will lead to each brush maker where you can buy brushes at discount.

I am not sure if they send overseas. I guess some do, some don’t.

I want to tell you about the Kihitsu case :

There will be ‘outlet’ brushes that will be sold at 20% discount at the Kihitsu web site.
In addition, there are brushes that were engraved but were cancelled.

Kihitsu coordinate with wedding planners and sell brushes for weddings, where their brushes are gifted to guests.

Guests’ names are engraved in advance, but some guests cancel their participation.
That is how engraved brushes are left in the warehouse.

Most are engraved in Japanese, so maybe you don’t care? Well, I know some of you understand Japanese so it may bother you.

I asked what kinds of brushes were.
He said that those were heart brushes.

I guess those brush hairs are goat/PBT, so many are not interested but FYI.

I went to Isetan today around 6:30 PM, busy time. The food sections was busy, but makeup sections are not.

I visited Shaquda, Laduree and Decorte.

Thank you for reading and I will write more tomorrow!



158 Kihitsu and Koyudo, are they the same?

Hi Everyone, 

I sometimes receive questions about Kihitsu who they are, from time to time. 

I want to explain what I know.

Kihitsu has been a sales company for Koyudo since 2004. The president is Nakashima san. 

Koyudo was born in 1979, according to the company web page.

The chairman is Uematsu-san.

Kihitsu doesn’t make brushes or own any factory, but focus on sales. 

Who does make Kihitsu brushes?

  • Koyudo does.

They sell Koyudo brands, as well as own Kihitsu brands. 

For example, Kihitsu has own BP’s and fupa with the Kihitsu logo.





Those Kihitsu brands are made by Koyudo, so they have the same quality. 

Prices are sometimes the same, sometimes different.

Kihitsu can take the liberty of setting the prices of Kihitsu products because those brushes are sold as ‘Kihitsu.’

I see some people collect ‘Koyudo Collection’ brushes and prefer Koyudo brands, but the qualities are the same.


Now Koyudo discontinued the fupa series and some of BP series. 

Kihitsu has some inventory of own fupa and BP’s.

For example, Kihitsu still has Fupa01. It is the same hair with a dark pink handle.


Some brushes are sold only as Koyudo.

‘Kumamon’ is a Kumamoto symbol, and it is like Kitty chan

(not a comparable with Kitty chan, but in the same manner that it is a protected name by patent law, so the Koyudo name can only printed to a brush, not a Kihitsu logo)

Here are some links you might find interesting.

Grey squirrel






Thank you for reading!