170. SUQQU Holiday collection and Hakuhodo limited sets

Hi Everyone,

I mainly buy products in Shibuya Tokyu and Shinjuku Isetan.

Those department stores are still quiet, compared to ‘ Before Corona.’
Yet I see some Chinese buyers who speak Japanese very fluently.
They seem to be residents in Tokyo, so not many tourist yet.

Whatever the reason is, Japan COVID situation did not get worse.
The Government of Japan has decided to accept foreign travelers of short-time stay now.

I reckon Japan will accept tourists in general soon.

I observed one Chinese buyer who was buying lots of SUQQU eyelash curlers.
Do they sell SUQQU eyelash curlers in China very well?
It is about 20USD. There may be some secrets in marketing.
I need to learn how to sell it)

I don’t think I am good at advertising a product.
I take a picture and post it to instagram and online shop.

The other thing is that I don’t do makeup so it is hard to know what people want.

So I talk to shops and Kumano brush makers, and get as much information as possible.

Mostly importantly, I value your feedback.
Thank you)

I visited some brands who was displaying holiday collections.

SUQQU eyeshadow and blush


Hakuhodo Tokyu set


Thank you for reading!



169. I loved cafe in Helsinki

Hi Everyone,

I received interesting feedback to my blog from my clients yesterday.
I wrote about people sitting next to me at cafe.

I like people watching, especially over coffee.

( I guess my concentration is low.)

I love doing so overseas, as everything is new and people behave differently.

I spent six months as an exchange student in Helsinki.
I made some Finnish friends and they took me to a coffee shop after school.
Almost every day, we went to cafe and watched people on the street.

To me, that was so interesting as I was able to ask my Finnish friends many questions.

I wish I could do that again in Helsinki.

Haruki Murakami, a novelist, says that when he writes a novel, he goes abroad.
He can concentrate on writing outside Japan.

Once, he went to Greece to write.
He still wants to eat Greek steak from time to time very badly.

I am not sure if my Finnish coffee is equivalent of Murakami’s Greek steak,
but that cafe scene makes me relaxed.

I received three orders for a set my client introduced to her freinds.
It is a set of Kihitsu.

Sokoho goat and

Maybe it was made more than five years and now on sale at 30,000 yen.
Older hair is said to be better.

Please let me know if you are interested,

Thank you for reading,

168. Do you know what is the ratio of single people in Japan?

Hi Everyone,

I received several questions for Takeda.

Some are:


I was told that their fox hair is different from that of Chikuhodo.

Please give me your feedback if you have both.



They can customize brushes. That is unique as a fude maker.

They say the business is small, and they try to cope with customer needs.

You can contact them directly or you can use me)
Please let me know.

It is difficult to write a blog every day.
You see I don’t write a blog daily even though I want to.

I find it easier to write every day than to write e.g. weekly.
It is easier if I make it a rule.

I haven’t come to this stage yet.

I try, and I try to write when I find a chance.

I tried to write a blog at cafe last night.

Two groups sat next to me in turn.

Though I tried not to listen, some words were heard, lol.

The first one was a business group.

An old guy, seemingly an eyeshadow manufacturer, was asking a lady, who seems to be a seller, for her opinion.

She put several eyeshadows and was telling him her opinions.
she was happily telling him that she had recently gotten married.

She was saying to him,

her husband is a Spanish. He is 195cm tall. He is a lawyer.
He asked her father first for his permission, not to her.
(the old guy said, ‘wow really?”)
He left Japan without any decision, but later they met in London.
Now they are married in Japan.

The second group are two ladies.
One lady was asking the other for her opinion on how she could have her boyfriend propose to her. She and her boyfriend live together.
She was not happy that it took long for him to make a decision.

It was a strategy session, lol.

I came back home and did some search.
I thought I could write something as a blog.

I found some numbers.
In Japan,
24 % of men at 50 years old have never got married. (14% for women)

Some TV dramas feature a 50-year single.


It is a comedy where a 53-year-old guy enjoys life with no intention to get married or he cannot get married.

The title is

‘A guy who cannot get married (not yet ) ‘ It is a series 2.

It is funny, and predictable.

I guess what I am saying here is:

TV or movies reflect the trend of society.

Lifestyle in Japan has been quite uniform till 1990’s when the country growth stopped.

People study to enter good universities, get married, buy houses, and raise kids.

Now so many kinds of people have so many different lifestyles.
Some focus on work, some on families, some on other stuff….

Especially in Tokyo.
You can have unique life if you want.
Different from the countryside, you don’t have to worry about social pressure in Tokyo.

For me, this people watching or hearing could give me topics for a next blog))

Thank you for reading.

167. Kihitsu will make new fu-pa01 but will be expensive

Hi Everyone,

I have posted a video of a lip brush made by SUQQU.
It is made with Kolinsky.

SUQQU told me that the lip brush with kolinsky would be replaced by another lip brush.

I don’t know information on the new lip brush but it will have hair other than kolinsky.

The alternative to SUQQU Kolinsky brush would be a Kyureido KK-008.

It seems less and less kolinsky hair.

I had a call from Kihitsu.

Kihitsu has some inventory of fu-pa01 at 5000 yen now.

After it gets out of stock, Kihitsu is planning to continue to order fu-pa 01 from Koyudo. But, with hair getting expensive, the fupa 01 with saikoho this time, will be more than 10,000 yen.

I told Kihitsu that the 10,000 yen fupa 01 would be expensive if the same handle is used.

Kihitsu’s image of new fupa01 is fuwafuwa, but with the current fupa 14 handle, with a flat bottom.

I had several requests to get fuwafuwa but it is currently out of stock.

Would you like a new fupa01 with fuwafuwa handle at more than 10,000 yen?

(not sure if possible)

or you prefer the current fupa 14 handle ?

Thank you for reading,


166 Generation gap for me in Japan

Hi Everyone,

I chatted with Chikuhodo.
They will have limited sets in mid November.

They don’t call them Christmas sets or Noel, rather ‘limited.’
So they can continue to sell those limited sets as long as they are in stock.

This is Evergreen set of Hakuhodo.

I will keep you updated.

Speaking of limited, I have recently sold many ‘old’ products of Kihitsu made by Koyudo.

What Kihitsu does is that they change a little (color or handle shape or logo) to Koyudo products and sell as Kihtisu brand.

Sometimes more expensive, sometimes less expensive.
Kihitsu can choose what they like as it is own product.

Kihitsu Fupa01 is 5000yen while Koyudo one was 5520 yen.
Kihitsu Fupa13P is 3800 yen while Koyudo one is 5040 yen.

These are old stock but Kihitsu keeps the prices the same and did not raise them. Old hair is generally better.

Kihitsu CEO, Nakashima-san, seems to be enjoying selling brushes purely.
Of course, it is business so money is important but he puts client satisfaction first.

I feel old Japan from him. I respect it, and it will benefit him in a long term.

Speaking of old or new,

he and I lived in different decades so our lifestyles are different.

This is me, and I don’t try to generalize here.

I have noticed one thing about him :

I don’t watch TV at all, while he does a lot.

Well, I used to watch baseball of Hiroshima Carp, my home team, on TV.
This year I stopped watching baseball even when my team is on TV.

I only check the results, especially rookie players, as they will be main player in years to come.
( I have given up Hiroshima Carp this year and next LOL)

I watched TV long when I was a kid, but with internet, my TV time has been decreasing. It is almost zero now.

I heard from a friend that TV has a screen to search a program of YouTube in Thailand or VietNam. I reckon that most of your countries have a choice between internet or TV.

Japanese TV only airs the same channels. It hasn’t been changed.

I suspect Japanese TV companies try to protect their vested interests.

One example of ‘old’ Japan.

Old vs New

Maybe TV vs Internet

For young generations in Japan, TV will be only a device by which you watch youtube (or netflix whatever )content. I think your countries might have developed this trend more. Japan is late.

I can get information as much as I like on the web while TV sends viewers information selected by TV produces. We cannot select information on TV. TV selects and controls information for viewers.

It is a problem.

We can select politicians but we can’t select TV producers. I have been watching TV-selected information for a long time since I was a kid.

This issue, with internet at home, is getting exposed to many Japanese.

It is my humble protest to TV stations or the vest interests not to watch TV.

Oops this is not much related to Kihitsu 🙇🏻

Thank you for reading,

165 My first year experience at Canon – 2

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday, I wrote about my first year experience at Canon.
I received several feedback, thank you.

I have worked for several companies since I left Canon.
People say that Japanese are hard-working,
but I found that

those expats in Tokyo work very hard from my experiences.
Americans, Hongkongers, Australians, British, Irish, Dutch… that I worked with.


My first year was full of work, definitely beyond my capacity.

A year later, I was assigned to Canon USA, Long Island, NY.
Those experiences were also great and I want to write in another time.

So I am only thankful to Canon.

Last year, I was checking Canon performance on the web.

I recognized two familiar names in the Canon executive section.

Those two guys did the same work as I did.
Three years in a row. I was the second year.
I learned from one guy and taught the other guy.

If I kept working for Canon, I could be an executive ? Maybe.

But I can say this – those two guys must have worked to a full capacity and complained, ‘why only me working late at night’ as I did.

And they might have felt the work after the first year was not that hard.

I don’t feel jealous at all, but I feel only thankful to Canon.
Canon gave me the fundamentals to work on.

Whether is is Japanese way or not, whether it is successful or not,
hardworking experiences will be your assets.

Today I was informed by Kihitsu

Kihitsu Fupa01 5000 yen is still in stock.

Please let me know.

Fupa13P, 3800 yen, with Kihitsu logo is a good deal

Koyudo Fupa13P was 5020 yen.
It is old inventory with old hair.

Following cheek brushes of Koyomo

are now out of stock.

Pearl Pink
Pearl White


I posted a video of suqqu lip brushes.

You can see how Kolinsky performs differently from Itachi.

Brush makers call itachi.
Itachi is weasel in English.

Itachi in Japan is Nippon (Japan) Itachi.
Nippon Itachi is one kind of weasel (itachi).
So is Kolinsky.

I need to learn more about this animal.

By the way, I watch African wild animals on youtube on a regular basis.

One of my favorite is Honey Badger, who fought against lions fiercely.
It is one kind of Itachi, too. I found.

Thank you for reading.

164. When I worked hardest in my life,

Hi Everyone,

Kihitsu will make new brushes.

It is in a square shape, the first time in Kumano history.

Kihtisu wants to put a French name as they did to their previous brushes.

I told them that my clients would prefer kanji (喜筆)name or product name in Japanese.

These brushes will be made by Koyudo as usual, with goat hair.

Please let me know if you prefer Kanji, Hiragana or English or French etc.

It would be interesting to know.

Fupa01 is now out of stock, but Kihitsu will ask Koyodo to produce it.

It will take a month or so. I will keep you updated.

I wonder if you prefer 喜筆 to Kihitsu (please see the picture above) .

The handle is darker than the Koyudo fupa01.

Do you think this color is fine ?

Other brushes:

I was informed by Koyumo,

the cheek brushes of Gradation, Pearl White and Pearl Pink are now out of stock.

They will be back but take a few months.

(the middle one is a cheek brush of Pearl Pink )



I want to write about my experience when I broke my limitation.

Please skip if not interested, it is totally unrelated to brushes.

Many people study hard or focus on sports and do their best at some point of their life.

That is good.

I didn’t do much till I began to work.

I tried to find how easily or efficiently I could live through school.

I avoided studying long hours.

When I was at elementary school, there were mountains and a river in my town near Hiroshima City   – just played there, right after school till a crow cried. (Japanese expression to describe ‘getting dark’)

When I was at a junior high school, I studied hard but it was only several months.

When I was at a high school, I did not study.

When I was at university, I studied only to an extent that I was able to graduate.

On graduating from a university, I wanted to work for a company where I would have an opportunity to work internationally.

I remember I applied to following companies.




Nippon Express


And some more that I don’t remember.

Born and raised in Hiroshima, I wanted to work for a company in Tokyo or Hiroshima, but Hiroshima has only Mazda. I was not really interested in cars, LOL.

Makita is in Nagoya, where I have never been.

My choice was either Canon or YKK or Alpine.

I don’t remember how but I ended up in Canon.

At Canon, I chose to work for accounting.

I thought I could work more effectively in accounting, and that I could get a skillset I wanted quickly.

The same way of thinking as before. Avoiding hard work.

The first year was very different from what I had thought.

I was overwhelmed by the amount of work as a rookie.

Canon, though big and multinational, was very Japanese.

Good or bad, Canon ‘educated’ me in a Japanese way.
They gave me lots of training, which helped me understand the company.

By the name of OJT, On the Job Training, I worked ‘hard.’

I checked all accounting entries for the main office. There were 3000 to 4000 accounting entries montly, which I needed to check and file.

I heard CPA stands for ‘cut, paste and attach.’ LOL. It was the job I did.

There are lots of positives, though.

I haven’t studied booking keeping so I took a corresponding course.
With job experiences, I found it quite interesting. I got to understand accounting.

I liked accounting very much!

Another thing is that I learned that I was able to work hard, LOL.

It was the first time in my life.

I worked from 8am to the last train (12 at night) in Shinjuku.

During the closing seasons, I slept at the office.
CFO had a nice sofa and I slept there. I needed to wake up before he came.

I was always wondering why only me…

It was only me working at 12am in the 23rd floor in the middle of Shinjuku.

After several months, I got used to it and learned how to finish my job in a short time.

The second year was much easier.

This experience made me a person who wasn’t surprised at the amount of works.
After that, I got many other jobs, but I always looked back the first year, and was able to believe that I could do.

I have an opinion that the amount of work needs to be allocated fairly.

Even with this experience, I am opposed to the Japanese way.

On a personal level, though, it was my first time to work to my capacity and break it.
That way, work life after that becomes something I can handle.

My way of thinking is not very Japanese, and I don’t think it is good to give one person more jobs than others.

But, on a personal level, I appreciated it very much.

Thank you, Canon!

Thank you for reading!


163 Fude Japan Powder brush

Hi Everyone,

I have received several requests for a Fude Japan powder brush.


I only have:


Eyeshadow L

Eyeshadow M

Eyeshadow S

I have decided to add Fude Japan Powder brush in one month or so.

It looks like this.

Grey squirrel, 14600 yen.

It will be made by Kyureido as well.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you and I will write more next time!


162 Old inventory at Kihitsu warehouse

Hi Everyone,

I went to a book last night after I ate a ‘hot cake’ in a family restaurant.

It is called Royal Host, which has big space to work in.

Coffee was not good, the hot cake is good)

It has been long since I visited a bookstore last time. I found many books interesting though I am not sure if I go there to buy books.

Amazon books are too convenient for me to go to a bookstore, and many bookstores in Japan are out of business. A bookstore in my neighbor is now a Docomo (mobile company) shop.

Even big ones have a problem.

Time changed when ‘You’ve Got Mail’ was filmed in 1998.

Yet I see some children sit on the floor and read a picture book with their mothers.

The Bookstore industry may need to change what they sell from a book to entertainment.

Speaking of Amazon, do you buy Japanese brushes at Amazon or eBay?

I am curious.

I haven’t sold products neither at Amazon or eBay.

I know many Japanese sell ‘Japan’ products there.

Kihitsu CEO mailed me pictures of some old inventory. I want to share here.

The price and hair information will be mailed later.





Champagne Gold face

Champagne Gold cheek

Champagne Gold eyeshadow M

I will follow up on more brushes from Kihitsu.

Thank you for reading.