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Fude Japan started out by helping friends with purchasing Japanese beauty products. When word got out, great interest from people all around the world followed and demand started growing – “Fude Japan” came to life. It is our goal to become the global leader in bringing a little bit of Japanese culture and tradition to each and every one of you.

Fude Japan’s primary focus is to open up the world to traditionally handcrafted Cosmetic Brushes. This procedure of manufacturing differs from regular laser cut makeup brushes. None of the bristles are ever laser cut. Only the natural end of the hair is going to be used in a Japanese brush. Furthermore, add many hundreds of years experience in craftsmanship of manufacturing brushes, which originally derived from producing traditional calligraphy brushes. Each Japanese Cosmetic Brush truly is a very unique work of Art.


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23 Replies to “About Fude Japan”

  1. Hi, I would like to be included in the group order for the Koyomo black handle Hana brushes with Saikoho hair, I know I stated I would like red handles, but on Sweet Temptation, Sonya mentioned the group order color was black, that works for me, black it is, I would like a face and eyeshadow brush, please!!!
    Thank you
    Ariadne Osborne

  2. Hello Toshiya – I have a few brushes from Hakuhodo that I am interested in, but do you charge a service fee for Hakuhodo since they are the same company with Chikuhodo?

    Thank you

  3. I would like to order a couple of Koyomo black handled Hana brushes Saikoho if it’s not too late to get get a set. Or maybe the Black set with the red flowers in the handle if they are still available. I appreciate your assistance. Thank you. Katrina

  4. Hi Toshiya. Hope you are well. I know you have the Hana Black Saikoho ( with the new dark red color, which I love)brush set on reserve but I would like have you tell me if some other brushes are available and if so I would like to add them to my order. I will email you the other items. Katrina. IG Katbrown7. Have a great day!:)

      1. Thanks. I just sent several emails with pics of the other brushes that I’m interested in. If they are available please let me know the prices please. That you so much.

  5. Hello, i’m Mariana and i want to order my first brush with you. I sent you an email and i wait your answer. Thanks.

  6. Hello my name is Mariana and i want to by my first brush with you. I want to know if you’re ship to Spain. I sent you an email and i wait your answer. Thanks.

  7. I am interested in order suqqu cheek brush and wondering how much is the shipping and the price of the brush p. Thanks

    1. Hi Chris,

      Thank you for your message.
      Suqqu cheek is 16200 yen plus 1500 yen shipping and 1620 yen as a fee.
      Total is 19200 yen.

      Please let me know on fudejapan if you need more information)


  8. Hello Toshiyo,

    I just wanted to ask about the group order for the Koyomo Hana brushes, as announced by Sonia on Sweet Makeup Temptations. May I still join the group order, or am I too late? 🙂

    Thanks for your time!


  9. Hello ,
    I am interested in ordering the kihitsu echizen canadian brush with maple leaves,
    is it okay to purchase the biggest powder brush only?
    Thank you very much~

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