#echizen grey squirrel Engraving free 20000yen

#echizen grey squirrel Engraving free 20000yen
#echizen grey squirrel Engraving free 20000yen

(the picture is grey squirrel brush with Echizen lacquerware – 20,000 yen)

Hi Everyone,

I was informed that

were currently out of stock, and that they would be back late in January.

The Silver fox of Kihtisu price is still not known, but Kihitsu told me that
it should be lower than the Makie silver fox 100,000 yen.

I will write about baseball players in Japan from overseas. Please skip it if you are not interested)

I was reading an article about a baseball player from Canada who played in Japan for eight years.

He retired and lives in Florida now.
His name is Scott Mathieson.

He was asked. What does he miss after he left Japan ?

He said, ‘Food.’

He misses sushi, which he used to eat twice a week in Japan.

Wagyu beef in Tokyo

Chicken in Miyazaki..

Interestingly he misses Pizza in Japan, lol.

There are many players from USA, Canada, these days from Dominica….

Some play well some some do not.
It seems that the key to success is how well they can cope with the Japanese culture.
If they enjoy life, culture, food, they will likely to succeed.

Some players love Tokyo, some like Kobe, Nagoya, Hiroshima… though those cities are so different from each other.

It interests me how they live here with the cultural differences more than how they play baseball.

When I was a junior high school student, there was a book about foreign baseball players.
I read it many times.

It was written by Keio University professor who focused on the cultural aspects of baseball.
That was more interesting than baseball itself.

One player I have never seen but I remember very well from reading is

Viktor Staruchin

He is not from USA nor Canada, nor Dominica.

He is from Russia.

He was born in Russia in 1916, but one of his relatives was a House of Romanov, so his family left Russia in 1917 after the Russian Revolution.

After a long travel from Russia, through Siberia, the Staruchin family landed in Hokkaido in 1925.
The city is called Asahikawa.

He was a very smart kid and played many sports very well. He spoke Japanese perfect.

At that time, many boys were playing baseball.

As a matter of fact, American all-star players came to Japan to play baseball in 1934.

There was no pro team in Japan. College baseball was poplar such as Waseda – Keio rivalry.
So the first professional baseball team was organized to play baseball with the American team.

That was the Tokyo Giants, the first professional baseball team in Japan.

Staruchin was well known to the baseball world, and he was scouted by the All Japan team directly from school.

The American team had Babe Ruth, and Lou Gehrig.
Yes, Ruth and Gehrig played in Japan before World War II.

I am not sure if Staruchin pitched against Ruth or Gehrig, but I feel the history there.

A kid from Russia played baseball with Babe Ruth in Japan right before the World War II.

Staruchin joined Tokyo Giants later.
The Giants are a team of ‘gentlemen’ now (at least they say) but at the time, not everyone was nice to him.

Fujimoto-san, manager of the Giants, said to Staruchin, ‘don’t care about what others say if you want to be Sawamura, the ace of the Giants.’
(Sawamura, the ace pitcher, was drafted and died at the age of 27 in the battle of Philippines.
Baseball was called off between 1943 and 1945. )

Under Fujimoto san, Staruchin became ace of the Giants, and won more than 300 games after the war.

Fujimoto san moved to other teams, and Staruchin followed him.
( By the way, some Russians moved to Japan after the Russian Revolution. Morozoff, very popular chocolate company, and Game company called ‘Taito’ were both founded by Russians who came to Japan after the Russian revolution)

Well, back to Staruchin,

He was killed in a traffic accident when he was 40 years old.

He was loved by people in Hokkaido, and a stadium in Asahikawa was named after him – Staruchin Stadium.

After the games in Japan in 1934, Japanese players was invited to USA to play baseball.

Staruchin was a member of the Japan team.
Since he was raised in the rural city in Hokkaido, he was surprised to see many ‘foreigners’ in America.
( I can imagine that there were very few foreigners in Japan at that time, especially in Hokkaido)

He said to the manager of Japan, ‘those foreigners don’t speak Japanese.’

Thank you for reading,

175. SUQQU eyeshadow, Koyudo Saibikoho, Takeda limited

Hi Everyone,

I was reading a book about Starbucks.

The concept of Starbucks is to sell a third place, not coffee itself.

Workplace is competitive, and home is a place where you need to behave as a nice spouse in America (this is not what I say, but the book says!). Starbucks thinks people need a third place to be relaxed at.

When Starbucks came to Japan, they opened a shop in Ginza, a very expensive area. It was the first shop outside North America.

People are busy there, and need a place to be relaxed at. They opened shops in busy areas gradually.

Now that Starbucks have a shop in Tottori, the smallest prefecture in Japan, they have covered all of the 47 prefectures.

Japanese need a relaxing third place, LOL.

Starbucks sells a place where you can be relaxed. That is the concept.

I sometimes feel the same way. People love to buy makeup products or brushes, but some are more into a cultural or historial aspect behind the products, which is also fun to communicate.

I cannot compete with big companies on the same ground so I need to have something different.

Ganbari masu!( I do my best)

I want to update on several brands.

SUQQU will replace the current designing eyeshadows with new ones in January. The current products will not be available then.

Koyudo has Saibikoho with black handles.

Face L 100,000 yen

Face S 70,000 yen

Cheek 50,000 yen

Takeda will sell a limited set.

It is a set of saikoho hair (for the first 2 brushes), palmy (oronpi) eyebrow brush and itachi lip brush.

19200 yen

Koyudo has cleaning brushes by crowdfunding.


They try new things.

Thank you for reading!


167. Kihitsu will make new fu-pa01 but will be expensive

Hi Everyone,

I have posted a video of a lip brush made by SUQQU.
It is made with Kolinsky.

SUQQU told me that the lip brush with kolinsky would be replaced by another lip brush.

I don’t know information on the new lip brush but it will have hair other than kolinsky.

The alternative to SUQQU Kolinsky brush would be a Kyureido KK-008.

It seems less and less kolinsky hair.

I had a call from Kihitsu.

Kihitsu has some inventory of fu-pa01 at 5000 yen now.

After it gets out of stock, Kihitsu is planning to continue to order fu-pa 01 from Koyudo. But, with hair getting expensive, the fupa 01 with saikoho this time, will be more than 10,000 yen.

I told Kihitsu that the 10,000 yen fupa 01 would be expensive if the same handle is used.

Kihitsu’s image of new fupa01 is fuwafuwa, but with the current fupa 14 handle, with a flat bottom.

I had several requests to get fuwafuwa but it is currently out of stock.

Would you like a new fupa01 with fuwafuwa handle at more than 10,000 yen?

(not sure if possible)

or you prefer the current fupa 14 handle ?

Thank you for reading,


157 Why are Japanese people so indirect ?

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday, I posted Holiday collection of SUQQU in November.

There will be another one of SUQQU- skin care from December, with VIALUME, a new skincare product.

Laduree will also have a Holiday collection in December, too.

I bought 2 eyeshadow palettes today – one from Etvos, the other from THREE.

The Etvos one is limited, called Vintage Glitter. 4800 yen

THREE has 3 eyeshadow in August. 7800 yen each. This is No.3.

Both are relatively new brands, emphasizing skin friendly materials.

Shiseido has Snow Beauty 2020. This is 12000 yen with a refill.

Yesterday, I introduced Tamage and Kolinsky brushes of Kihitsu.

Both hairs are in short supply, like Canadian squirrel.

But, I found many calligraphy brushes in Tamage, so maybe there is an old stock.

This is from Rakuten site.

Here is a link for Hakuhodo that explains hair types.


Hakuhodo uses a word ‘Blue squirrel’ instead of ‘Grey squirrel.’

I came across an interesting concept the other day, which explains the communication style of Japanese. 

Have you ever experienced a hard time when communicating with Japanese ?

Japanese are indirect? Well, it is true that we don’t say yes or no so clearly sometimes.

They are called  ‘High and Low Content cultures.’ by some researchers.

High Content culture is that people have the same experience, background, value etc. so you don’t have to communicate in a detailed level.

They understand ( assume ) what people expect. The Low Content is the opposite. 

Japan is a high context culture, which explains the vagueness of the Japan society very well.

One example is the structure of the Japanese language.

We don’t say what the subject is in a Japanese conversation.

In most of Japanese conversations, we don’t say ‘ I’ or ‘we’ or ‘she’ etc.

We start a sentence with a ‘verb’ not with a subject.


We judge or guess who the subject is in the context of a conversation or the atmosphere.

The atmosphere is called ‘air’ between people, and 空気 in Japanese.

When ‘air’ is well guessed, a conversation goes smooth.

I will read more and explain better in the future!

I will read more and write about it in a next blog.

Thank you for reading!


156 Koyudo BP and Fupa, SUQQU Holiday collection

Hi Everyone, 

I received an order for Kihitsu BP series:

BP039 Tamage -2000 yen

BP017 Pine Squirrel – 5940 yen

Those are made by Koyudo for Kihitsu, which sells them as its own brand.

As you might know, Kihitsu has been a sales company of Koyudo so all the Kihitsu brushes are made by Koyudo.

I keep getting orders for Kihitsu kolisky set – 6111 yen

It is amazing that people find brushes on the web site only in Japanese from all over the world.

Now Koyudo doesn’t make fu-pa. It is called f- series in synthetic.

I think there are some stock left for the old fupa’s and I am checking.


BP production is limited to BP001 to BP023. 


Kihitsu has own versions of BP and fu-pa but not all of them. 


SUQQU holiday collection was posted to instagram.


There are an eyeshadow palette, two lipsticks and two blushes. 

Please let me know if you are interested. 

Eyeshadow 10800 yen

Blush 6600

Lipstick 6000 yen

It is November 1, and I will take a reservation from now.

I will introduce 2020 Holiday collections when they come out.

Thank you for reading!


155 Kihitsu brushes

Hi Everyone,

In July, people complained there was too much rain, now no rain at all in August….

Yesterday, I posted a picture of Body Pierces.

It is not my main product but I buy products based on my clients’ requests.

I will try to get products you like, though Kumano brushes and department items are familiar to me and easier.

Please let me know products that are not related to makeup or brushes but something you can get only in Japan.

If it is Shibuya or Shinjuku, I can go. Ueno is not close, and Narita is far, LOL. I will tell you if it is difficult or takes time.

I was advised by a client of mine that Koyudo sold out an eyeshadow brush in Tamage, BP039.

Kihitsu has some inventory of BP039, so I want to introduce the Kihitsu Tamage eyeshadow.

By the way, Kihitsu sells Koyudo products so their products are made at the Koyudo factories.

It is in Tamage, which is in short supply these days.

She also found a Kolinsky brush set from the Kihitsu online shop.

It is 6111 yen at a sales price.

Please let me know if you are interested.

This sales price 6111 yen is good for kolinsky.

Thank you for reading!


154 Busy day today

(Shibuya Station)

Hi Everyone,

Today was a busy day.

I made a lot of small trips.

My morning started with exercising at gym.

I don’t spend more than one hour gym, rather I go there every day.

If it is a hard exercise, I will end up with going once or twice a week. Eventually, I don’t get to go to gym at all. So I have decided to make it short and simple. This has been working well for me so far.

Then, I went to a dentist for cleaning teeth after three months. Obviously, two months of lockdown made it difficult to go there.

By the way, we have (too) many dentists in Japan or Tokyo. Therefore, it is a hard industry to survive, and dentists have become so gentle, LOL.

When I was a kid in a small town in Hiroshima, there were very very few dentists so that it was hard to choose a good one or I was not able to choose….

Another hard one is a taxi driver. They are very nice compared to a decade ago.

Anyway, my dentist has a son studying in USA, and I spent time on talking with him about his son. He has just left Japan, so I asked how the airport was.

Empty, he said.

His son is playing golf at university, and I think it very helpful to get him immersed into a different culture. Something in common.

Then I went to body piercing shop in Shinjuku. It was in Alta, in front of Shinjuku Station.

Then I visited Isetan to buy the following products.


This liquid foundations is the most popular one, a shop told me.

12000 yen


I asked if one of the eyeshadow palette color is the same as one small eyeshadow.


Then went to Shibuya SUQQU.

It sounds like many trips I made , but actually with subway it was easy.

From Shibuya to Shinjuku, it takes only 10 minutes.

It is 40C in some places in Japan, and I feel I am in sauna….

Thank you for reading!


153 Cheek / Highlight brushes for cream and liquid makeup

Hi Everyone,

It is 40C in some areas in Japan, and it is 35 to 37 C in Tokyo.

People seem to be back to department stores to avoid the heat.

The increasing number of people get corona virus, and with a mask, it is harder to walk outside in the heat.

The other day I was asked which brushes are good for cream or liquid.

One of my clients recommended to use the following brushes.

For Buffing

Bisyodo – ABHC – this is saikoho goat hair. 4400 yen

Hakuhodo – J5521 goat hair, 3600 yen

For tap Use,

Weasle / Kolinsky Or Fox Silver is better

Chikuhodo – RLQ2 Weasel 6800 yen

Chikuhodo – GSN08 Weasel 4500 yen

Takeda – 19LF EX Saikoho 9600 yen

Most of makeup brands now move to brushes with synthetic.

The exception is Kanebo group (SUQQU, RMK, Lunasol, Kanebo ) .

Kumano brushes seem to try to keep the same though hair is in short supply.

Thank you for reading!


151 Fude Japan brush

Hi Everyone,

It is August and it seems summer has arrived in Japan.

It was 30C today, and I expect it to begin to be hot from this week.

With many rainy days, I hope summer days are not as many as usual.

There will be many limited makeup products in August.

I came to Shibuya to buy SUQQU.

As most of them are limited, I can only buy them a little by little though a shop makes it easy to buy them. I appreciate their flexibility.

SUQQU is a Kanebo company, belonging to the same company as RMK.

SUQQU is one of Japanese brands who are selling in Europe. They are aggressive internationally.

I heard there are some shops in London.

RMK’s director was Rumiko, who moved to Amplitude.

Amplitude is a POLA company, and THREE and Amplitude belong to the same group.

Once Laduree shop person told me that Amplitude skincare must be good as Rumiko is a director.

SUQQU Blush compact

SUQQU eyeshadow 133

After SUQQU, I went to Estee Lauder.

They said that people made a long line to buy SUQQU in the morning.

I was asked if I wanted an Estee Lauder lipstick to be engraved. So I stopped buying them and decided to ask if my clients wanted them to be engraved or not.

It is nice service. Dior has the same service too.

The lip color on the left is called ‘Konkatsu pink.’

They said that some Japanese girls come to buy ‘ I want a konkatsu lip.’

‘Konkatsu’ literally means ‘marriage seeking activity.’ A recently invented word in Japan.

I visited SUQQU at 2:30 PM to avoid a rush, but still it was crowded.

I was asked to sit in a seat where people get a face massage.

It was quiet and private space I enjoyed in center of a busy shop.

I felt good, LOL

Another news is that I started my own brush.

I asked Kyureido to make them.

Kyureido makes SUQQU and some other big brands, so I hope you will like them.

Well, some of you have bought eyeshadows, but this time I have a cheek brush.

In the future, I want a powder brush, but a little step by step.

Thank you for reading!


150 Makeup products AW2020

Hi Everyone,

I went to Isetan to buy

-Lunasol Isetan Limited

2020 AW Lunasol

-IPSA limited palette collaborated with ‘beautiful people’

Celvoke 2020AW

Dolce & Gabbana ‘Loves Tokyo’ Limited

There are several youtubes talking about these brands.


I managed to buy Lunasol Isetan limited for my clients.

Before I visited Isetan, I called Hankyu Osaka to make sure to get sufficient number of products, but it was sold out..

So I hurried to Shinjuku as I thought I would be able to get a few from Hankyu.

Limited products are tricky as they put the maximum number per product.

It is important to be nice to a shop (or buy many products lol) to have them remember me. Especially a shop manager who can decide.

Regular appearances are important)

I was relieved! It is so hard to tell people I am not able to get it. Most people are understanding, but they make a research, spending time and money.

I usually check with a shop in advance, but sometimes it is sold out more quickly than I expect.

Please email me if you are interested in the limited one, which is shown in the first picture. 7440 yen

This morning, I called Koyudo to ask them to replace a paper box with a wooden one. The brush was mailed with a paper box. My clients let me know about it.

It was 55000 yen saibikoho, and the picture on the Koyudo web page shows that the box is made of paulownia.

So I asked them to exchange a paper box with a paulownia one.

I will not write the detailed conversations but I was able to get paulownia boxes, LOL.

Thanks very much!

Sorry it is a short blog: I wanted to introduce limited products as they are sold out quickly.

Thank you for reading !


149 Foundation brushes (B-FD-01 vs S5557)

Hi Everyone, 

It is summer but still raining. Very rare to have so many rainy days in July.

This is a four day weekend, and I went to Shibuya department stores to visit 

Jill Stuart




I was surprised to see that there were very few customers at shop,  and shop employees seem to be more friendly than usual)

I am often asked questions in instagram DM and emails.  I try to answer on my own and with information acquired on the web. And I also ask my clients who have bought those products being asked.

This time, I was asked how B-FD-01(Bisyodo) differs from S5557(Hakuhodo). B-FD-01 has Saikoho goat and S5557 has goat/synthe mix. Both are foundation brushes.


I asked a client of mine who bought both B-FD-01 and S5557.

Her answer was :
B-FD-01 can be used to all kinds of foundation whereas S5557 are mainly used cream and powder foundation.

B-FD-01 is

Smoother than S5557

Softer than S5557

Easier than S5557

B-FD-01 is used by buffing and S5557 is by short-tapping. 

B-FD-01 is 11000 yen,  S5557 is 11160 yen ( including my fee) 
I hope this helps some of you who consider which foundation brush to buy.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

SUQQU new products are now being reserved.

I found a youtube. It is only in Japanese but you can have a good picutre of those products.


So far, I have received most orders for Limited Blush compact.

Thank you for reading !


147: New and Limited Products ②

Hi Everyone,

It is raining again in Tokyo. Looks like it is every day.

Today I want to introduce a product from Bunshindo.

It is Kolinsky, from 30 years ago. They use Kolinsky and Saibikoho mainly for calligraphy and painting brushes.

(Koyomo has goat hair of 30 years ago too)

Bunshindo is located in Kawajiri, the same as Koyomo is.

Kawajiri (a part of Kure City ) and Kumano are next to each other.

It is 5 hours away by super express from Tokyo, and located between Fukuoka and Osaka.

A little explanation about Hiroshima for those new to this area.

Hiroshima population is concentrated on the shore. Hiroshima is the largest city in the prefecture and Fukuyama is the second.

Kumano and Kawajiri are a little south of Hiroshima City so you can cover the area for one or two days.

The northern part has lots of nature and if you visit second time, I recommend you to go to the northern part – you can ski, well not as good as Hokkaido, but good for repeaters.

These are Bunshindo Kolinsky.

This is the first time to buy Bunshindo as it focues on calligraphy and painting.

Other products I want to mention : these are white squirrel cheek brushes only in red handle now.

21000 yen

This is Laduree September.

ADDICTION Fall – ADDICTION will renew their eyeshadows.

Thank you for reading,

I will write more tomorrow.


No. 146 Limited and new products ①

Hi Everyone,

It is raining very hard now in Japan, and especially Kyushu, southern part of Japan, has been hit by heavy rain and many people are in trouble.

The corona virus situation makes it harder.

Japan summer usually has lots of rain in June and typhoon in August. This summer it seems worse with more earthquakes (small ones) than usual.

Kumamoto situation is really bad.


Today I want to introduce new or limited products that I was asked many questions about.

Chikuhodo introduces new series – Kazan squirrel.

Chikuhodo told me :

#Kazan squirrel’s hair is waved and it feels airy at top of hair.

It is more resilient than grey squirrel, and less resilient than goat/squirrel.

It is more rare than grey squirrel, so it gets more expensive.”

Please let me know your feedback after you use them.

Koyudo/Kihitsu Echizen lacquerware with grey squirrel

18000 yen

Saibikoho Koyudo 88000 yen

NARS Zen Collection

6960 yen

Dior Color Games

Dior Cushion Foundation with a limited case

Thank you for reading,

I will write more tomorrow.



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