Newsletter 46-Which souvenir do you like to bring home from Japan?

Hi Everyone,

Which souvenir (omiyage) would you like from Japan? Maybe very Japanese or very different from your home country’s.

I would think it would be Japanese sweets (soy bean), chopsticks, sense(fan) or kittychan…. Good place to look for is Don Quixote (Donki ) or 100 yen shop. You can find some different or creative products there.

I came across an article that one American guy was looking for a JR(Japan Railway) employee who helped him during an earthquake. He was a high school student who stayed in Yokohama and made a trip to Tohoku, a northern region of Japan, where an earthquake hit. Not the biggest one in 2011, but the one 14 years ago,.

Due to the earthquake, Shinkansen stopped, and it was the last for his JR pass. This person working for Sendai station arranged him a youth hostel and paid money for lodging and the next day’s Shinkansen. Now he came back to Japan and tried to find this JR employee, but he was not able to.

Good story but I found Yahoo comments more interesting. Some comments were

  • I cannot speak English so I cannot help even I want
  • I don’t know if they need a help
  • I am so shy that I cannot help

But some say they always talk to tourists and help them when they seem to be looking for something. And many responded that they did the same. I usually see ‘not nice’ Yahoo comments (LOL)

Whether good or bad, Japanese don’t talk to strangers, especially in Tokyo. I often see some tourists are checking papers or smart phones in the middle of a station. Maybe I should hep them but I also think they don’t need a help. A little hesitation…

These feedback are encouraging to me. Wow, Japanese are not shy any more)

Oops I completely changed the subject.

As for brushes,

I will sell on Bisyodo and Koyomo by 10% off. Please let me know if you are interested.

Thank you for reading again,


YukiSaikohoface ¥50,000¥45,000


TsukiSaikohoface ¥45,000¥40,500


HananuriSaikohoface ¥45,000¥40,500


HananuriSokohoface ¥40,000¥36,000


Hana SakuraSokohoface ¥25,000¥22,500


Hana WalnutSokohoface ¥20,000¥18,000


Pearl WhiteOtotsuhoface ¥9,000¥8,100


Pearl PinkOtotsuhoface ¥7,500¥6,750



GradationOtotsuhoface ¥15,000¥13,500




Newsletter 43 – rainy season in Japan

Hi Everyone, 

This year Tsuyu ( rainy season ) is really rainy ! Now at mid-July, it rains almost daily. Most weekends we have had rain since June,  and an umbrella is always in a bag. Usually July is a month when we suffer from hot night(Lol) but this year is different.

When I watch baseball in the rain, I feel sorry for attendants who get wet terribly…. Baseball traditionalists say it should be played under the Sun and domed stadiums are not poplar in North America, but I think Japan needs more domes! Now we have 6 domes (a half of 12 teams ) for professional baseball but we need more. Well, 50% of fans are against this idea in Japan, but I don’t like watching baseball in the rain.

Good thing in Tokyo is that we can move around by subway. I am located in Shibuya and Isetan is 3 stations away from Shibuya by subway so that I don’t get wet when I shop there. 

On a rainy day, I went to Isetan for Shu Uemura and Chicca. Shu is busy but Chicca is a shop that usually has no waiting clients.  But this time was different…There was a long line for Chicca. Very unusual. 

It turned out that Chicca was going to close the operation. It is surprising as I get orders from time to time.

Chicca is a Kanebo brand so I assume employees are going to work for Kanebo.  

Anyway, if you are interested d in Chicca, please let me know.

Other brand updates
Hakuhodo Canadian squirrel is not back in stock yet. 

Do you know Hakuhodo has products limited to USA ? Mostly S series:

These are ones I know.

151 150 165 5221a 5523b 147 149

I am planning to sell Bisyodo and Koyomo by 10 % discount in August.

I will keep you updated)

Thank you for reading again, 

Newsletter 26 –

Hi Everyone, 

Yesterday, I wrote about an experience with a shop, which was not very pleasant. Yes I go to shops almost every day and sometimes things don’t go as good as I expect. 

I received several feedback that you had good shopping experiences in Japan. Generally, shop employees in Japan are well trained and make people feel welcomed. What do you think?

So today I want to write good experiences!

It was Lancome. 
As you may be aware, Lancome is not a place I often go to. There are rarely Japan-limited products, and people don’t ask me to buy, relative to Dior, for instance. Yet I sometimes go to Lancome, and the closest one is located in Shibuya. 

This time, a limited lipstick of Lancome was out of stock in all shops I called. So I called the customer center, which only suggested me to call each shop, which I have done. I almost gave up on getting it, but I wanted to ask the one in Shibuya one more time though I did not expect much. 

The shop manager was there, and she made the other client wait and checked if there was the stock anywhere on the computer. She found 5 shops that had the stock.  As people were waiting, I told her that it was more than enough, and I was going away with those telephone numbers. But she insisted on calling shops. After she called three shops, and I felt guity with making other people wait, and I asked her to stop calling, and I left there.

She gave me two numbers. After  I got back to the office, I called one shop in Yamanashi, west of Tokyo, and luckily they had one ! Well, the cutomer center said they had no idea, and Isetan said all shops had no stock…. 

Next day, I went there to thank her though she did not seem to think it was a big deal. 
Being a nice shop is to give a customer one more extra service than expected, I thought)

Thank you for reading again, and I will write tomorrow about some cultural aspects of Japan.


The first Shogun in Japan’s Edo period  – Tokugawa

Hi Everyone,

Today I want to talk a little bit about the Japanese history.

Please skip it if not interested (sorry! I will write about makeup products next time )

Yesterday I mentioned Ieyasu Tokunaga who was born near Hakone. He is one of the most known Japanese in Japan, mostly in good ways.
I had a co-worker from Malaysia, who became a Japanese citizen . He picked a Japanese name ‘Tokugawa.’ He told me every Japanese knows Tokugawa! It is true.

Ieyasu was the first Shogun for the Edo(Edo is Tokyo now) period, which lasted about 300 years from the year 1600. He governed Japan in a unique way by closing a door to the world and trading with only two countries ( China and Holland) . This policy apparently developed Japan’s unique culture, on the other hand, the technological development was limited.

I sometimes think : it may have been different if one samurai was not killed. His name was Nobunaga Oda. Nobunaga, the boss of Tokugawa, almost conquered Japan but in 1582, he was killed by one of his disciples, Mitsuhide Akechi, in Kyoto.

Nobunaga liked changes or he was too radical to most of Japanese at that time,
He employed a strategy using guns not ‘Katana,’ a traditional sword.
He created a free trade city. He promoted his subordinates only by performances, not by which family they were from. He loved the new culture , especially, the Western culture brought by Portuguese.

It is said that Nobunaga was killed by some powers who did not like changes. And Akechi was only controlled by them.

As a result, Tokunaga became the Shogun and Japan did not change much for 300 years.

If Nobunaga was not killed…
The Japanese culture would have been different with more international influences : Maybe Japanese speak English better now LOL.

This is a big IF, I think interesting to imagine)

By the way, the first African came to Japan in the 16th century and met Nobunaga. He was named ‘Yasuke’ and became a samurai. He became one of the Nobunaga’s close disciples. He fought with Nobunaga in Kyoto but after some battles, he was ordered to run for a help. He was captured, but was not killed by MItsuhide and lived longer. I wonder what happened to him….

Thank for reading !
I will write tomorrow,


Sorry ! I haven’t written a newsletter for a while (Newsletter #16)

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I haven’t written a letter for a while.

Now it is the autumn and I say it may be one of the best seasons in Japan. ( summer in Japan is too HOT). Especially the mountains are beautiful with autumn leaves.

I grew up in Hiroshima and the red leaves were all over. We even had monkeys ( Japan monkey – Nihon zaru ) . Yes, we have wild monkeys in Japan! I was helping my grandmother’s vegetable farm when I was about 7 years old, and one monkey came to the farm, I was hoping to be a friend, we were staring at each for five minutes, but he or she just ran away. I remember the scene so vividly) . Cold day in the autumn.

Now I live in Tokyo, and I need to take a train or car to see red leaves. This time, I went to Hakone. Hakone has many mountains and you can see Mt. Fuji if the weather is good. And onsen (hot Spring )!

Onsen is good for body and skin, and many Japanese love onsens traditionally. I am not a big onsen fan, but when I take it , I feel good) .This time, a room had an onsen bath as well, so I took a big bath at night and took a small one when I woke up. (Please see the pictures)

Hakone is also close to a town where Ieyasu Tokugawa, Samurai Shogun was raised. I want to write a little bit of Japanese history next time.

Thank you for reading again, and I will write tomorrow !


2018 January 3 In Japan (#3)

From Toshiya,  Fude Japan

Konnichiwa (means Hello) !

Today, I came to Shibuya first time in 2018. Most of Japanese are still on holidays, and many of them are away from Tokyo, so at Hachiko and Shibuya Crossing, I saw more tourists than Japanese. Still very crowded)

I mention ‘Shibuya’ often in my instagram: As some of you know, Shibuya is one of shopping districts along with Ginza and Shinjuku. You can also have dinner here : many Ramen and Yakitori places. It is easier for me to find a place for lunch or dinner in Shibuya than Ginza or Shinjuku. So you can spend a whole day on shopping and have dinner at night. A whole day in Shibuya will be great or even two days )

If you love people watching,  which I like, you can sit at Starbucks (bottom right picture) or Loccitane cafe across Hachi. Actually, Loccitane has more space and you can be relaxed there. There is also a cafe at Excel Hotel lobby ( a tall building behind Hachi ) where you can see Shibuya Crossing a bit far but you can enjoy good view) Hoshino Coffee in the Men’s 109 building as well.

As for shopping, if you go to Tokyu  (Top right) and Seibu (Bottom left), you can buy most of Japanese brands. If you fancy Laduree or Chicca, you need to go to Isetan Shinjuku but it is only 10 minutes away by subway.

Tokyu has SUQQU, and you can have facial massage for free. But ‘free’ is always dangerous in the end lol.  I heard one SUQQU manager is really good at massaging, and he is in Ginza Six so maybe you want to reserve it in advance))

SUQQU: I was looking for a good picture for new products to repost, but I was not able to find it so I attach a link here.

Here is a link for pictures of new products as well.

I will talk about each brand in my next newsletters.

Thank you for reading again,

2018 January 1 in Japan (#2)

From Toshiya,  Fude Japan

Today is January 1, 2018.

Typical January 1 for Japanese is
1. Wake up late
2. Go to Shrine to pray for a coming year
3. Eat Osechi (traditional New Year dishes)
4. Read New Year Greeting Cards(Nengajo) – this is a year of dog)

I took a picture of each scene. After dinner, I ate some sweets. If you eat Japanese food all day, you will want Western food…

Another change was that I was going to a shrine but there was a long queue, so I went to a gym instead. Maybe the first time to go to a gym on January 1. It is a small gym, and only four of us (LOL) two Western guys, one Japanese guy and myself. Actually I liked an idea of working out on January 1 today)

As for shopping, most of shops are not open on January 1. I heard Seibu was open, but Takashimaya tomorrow, and Isetan/Mitsukoshi from January 3. And Fude companies are on holidays till January 4 or 5.

Sorry I don’t have any photos of makeup today!

Thank you for reading)

Again, Happy New Year!

2018 Happy New Year! #1

Happy New Year!

This is the first newsletter I have ever created, and as I am new to newsletter ( I used ‘mailchimp,’ by the way), I know it doesn’t look professional. I will try to improve the design and format mail by mail.  But I think I should try sending newsletters because my instagram has limited information, and there are more than 10,000 pictures,  which I know it is difficult to look for.

Now that it is New Year, I want to introduce some Japan limited makeup products.

Before I list some products, I want to introduce myself first as this is the first letter:)

I was born and have been raised in Hiroshima till I entered a university in Tokyo. On graduating from school, I began to work for Canon for accounting. Well, I studied marketing at university, but accounting has been fun to do and I have been working as an accountant since then. I had an opportunity to work for Canon USA in Long Island NY and study at The University of Texas at Austin. I lived in USA for five years in total. While I was in USA, as a baseball fan, I tried to watch games at as many ballparks as possible. I went to Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Arlington, Cleveland, Anaheim, LA, Yankee and Shea Stadiums.

I still do consulting on accounting, but I find it more fun to sell ‘Japan’ products to overseas. Many of my clients refer to other clients and some bloggers mention about me ( thank you!) , now I have sent products to all continents but South America.

I buy makeup brushes from Kumano, Hiroshima at wholesale prices while I buy makeup products at department stores. That is why I add my fee to prices I paid.

I work in an area called ‘Shibuya’ known for a statue ‘Hachi,’ a faithful Akita Inu(dog).  Shibuya has most of brands but for some brands like Laduree, Armani, Tom Ford, Takeda etc. I need to take subway to Shinjuku or Ginza so it sometimes takes more time.

I think it gets too long now so I will continue tomorrow. Following links show two Hakuhodo sets in january. I will add more in my next letter.


Hakuhodo – Ginza Mitsukoshi 13068 yen

#Hakuhodo #mitsukoshi 2018 Happy New Year set 13068 Yen B206J004GG5515J5549

Hakuhodo set -10930 yen

#Hakuhodo Tokyu New Year set J6020B125G551510930 Yen