I went to SUQQU today

Hi Everyone, Day 7 : my blog continues Yesterday I introduced Kumano Fude Select brand, but I did not have produc...

 SUQQU 2022 January and What I Found Out About SUQQU

Hi Everyone,I was checking SUQQU products that will be launched in January 2022. found several things new at SUQQU, so ...

Fude Japan eyeshadow Brush L, M and F(flat)

Hi Everyone,  Today I want to inform you that I have new eyeshadow brushes L, M, and F(flat) I already have  L , M and S...

SUQQU Signature Eye Colors swatch

Please see the swatches of SUQQU signature eyes.

173 SUQQU eyeshadows will be replaced in January

SUQQU current no.2 Takeda fox fan brush (SUQQU eyeshadow no.2 and Takeda fox fan brush) Hi Everyone, SUQQU ...

170. SUQQU Holiday collection and Hakuhodo limited sets

Hi Everyone, I mainly buy products in Shibuya Tokyu and Shinjuku Isetan. Those department stores are still qu...

157 Why are Japanese people so indirect ?

Hi Everyone, Yesterday, I posted Holiday collection of SUQQU in November. There will be another one of SUQQU- s...

151 Fude Japan brush

Hi Everyone, It is August and it seems summer has arrived in Japan. It was 30C today, and I expect it to begin ...

149 Foundation brushes (B-FD-01 vs S5557)

Hi Everyone,  It is summer but still raining. Very rare to have so many rainy days in July. This is a four day we...

145 :The first British who came to Japan 400 years ago

(The picture is SUQQU Designing Eyes 133) Hi Everyone,  I have once asked a Hakuhodo shop manager what was th...

Are Tom Ford brushes made with natural hair?

Hi Everyone, The other day I was asked if Tom Ford still makes brushes with goat hair. I received a similar quest...

SUQQU Spring 2020

Hi Everyone, SUQQU began to sell the 2020 Spring Products. New Eyeshadow palette New blush Glow touc...