2018 Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year!

This is the first newsletter I have ever created, and as I am new to newsletter ( I used ‘mailchimp,’ by the way), I know it doesn’t look professional. I will try to improve the design and format mail by mail.  But I think I should try sending newsletters because my instagram has limited information, and there are more than 10,000 pictures,  which I know it is difficult to look for.

Now that it is New Year, I want to introduce some Japan limited makeup products.

Before I list some products, I want to introduce myself first as this is the first letter:)

I was born and have been raised in Hiroshima till I entered a university in Tokyo. On graduating from school, I began to work for Canon for accounting. Well, I studied marketing at university, but accounting has been fun to do and I have been working as an accountant since then. I had an opportunity to work for Canon USA in Long Island NY and study at The University of Texas at Austin. I lived in USA for five years in total. While I was in USA, as a baseball fan, I tried to watch games at as many ballparks as possible. I went to Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Arlington, Cleveland, Anaheim, LA, Yankee and Shea Stadiums.

I still do consulting on accounting, but I find it more fun to sell ‘Japan’ products to overseas. Many of my clients refer to other clients and some bloggers mention about me ( thank you!) , now I have sent products to all continents but South America.

I buy makeup brushes from Kumano, Hiroshima at wholesale prices while I buy makeup products at department stores. That is why I add my fee to prices I paid.

I work in an area called ‘Shibuya’ known for a statue ‘Hachi,’ a faithful Akita Inu(dog).  Shibuya has most of brands but for some brands like Laduree, Armani, Tom Ford, Takeda etc. I need to take subway to Shinjuku or Ginza so it sometimes takes more time.

I think it gets too long now so I will continue tomorrow. Following links show two Hakuhodo sets in january. I will add more in my next letter.


Hakuhodo – Ginza Mitsukoshi 13068 yen

Hakuhodo set -10930 yen