2018 January 1 in Japan

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From Toshiya,  Fude Japan

Today is January 1, 2018.

Typical January 1 for Japanese is
1. Wake up late
2. Go to Shrine to pray for a coming year
3. Eat Osechi (traditional New Year dishes)
4. Read New Year Greeting Cards(Nengajo) – this is a year of dog)

I took a picture of each scene. After dinner, I ate some sweets. If you eat Japanese food all day, you will want Western food…

Another change was that I was going to a shrine but there was a long queue, so I went to a gym instead. Maybe the first time to go to a gym on January 1. It is a small gym, and only four of us (LOL) two Western guys, one Japanese guy and myself. Actually I liked an idea of working out on January 1 today)

As for shopping, most of shops are not open on January 1. I heard Seibu was open, but Takashimaya tomorrow, and Isetan/Mitsukoshi from January 3. And Fude companies are on holidays till January 4 or 5.

Sorry I don’t have any photos of makeup today!

Thank you for reading)

Again, Happy New Year!


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