New Year in Japan

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From Toshiya,  Fude Japan

Konnichiwa (means Hello) !

Today, I came to Shibuya first time in 2018. Most of Japanese are still on holidays, and many of them are away from Tokyo, so at Hachiko and Shibuya Crossing, I saw more tourists than Japanese. Still very crowded)

I mention ‘Shibuya’ often in my instagram: As some of you know, Shibuya is one of shopping districts along with Ginza and Shinjuku. You can also have dinner here : many Ramen and Yakitori places. It is easier for me to find a place for lunch or dinner in Shibuya than Ginza or Shinjuku. So you can spend a whole day on shopping and have dinner at night. A whole day in Shibuya will be great or even two days )

If you love people watching,  which I like, you can sit at Starbucks (bottom right picture) or Loccitane cafe across Hachi. Actually, Loccitane has more space and you can be relaxed there. There is also a cafe at Excel Hotel lobby ( a tall building behind Hachi ) where you can see Shibuya Crossing a bit far but you can enjoy good view) Hoshino Coffee in the Men’s 109 building as well.

As for shopping, if you go to Tokyu  (Top right) and Seibu (Bottom left), you can buy most of Japanese brands. If you fancy Laduree or Chicca, you need to go to Isetan Shinjuku but it is only 10 minutes away by subway.

Tokyu has SUQQU, and you can have facial massage for free. But ‘free’ is always dangerous in the end lol.  I heard one SUQQU manager is really good at massaging, and he is in Ginza Six so maybe you want to reserve it in advance))

SUQQU: I was looking for a good picture for new products to repost, but I was not able to find it so I attach a link here.

301 Moved Permanently

Here is a link for pictures of new products as well.

I will talk about each brand in my next newsletters.

Thank you for reading again,