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Hi Everyone, 

Yesterday, I wrote about an experience with a shop, which was not very pleasant. Yes I go to shops almost every day and sometimes things don’t go as good as I expect. 

I received several feedback that you had good shopping experiences in Japan. Generally, shop employees in Japan are well trained and make people feel welcomed. What do you think?

So today I want to write good experiences!

It was Lancome. 
As you may be aware, Lancome is not a place I often go to. There are rarely Japan-limited products, and people don’t ask me to buy, relative to Dior, for instance. Yet I sometimes go to Lancome, and the closest one is located in Shibuya. 

This time, a limited lipstick of Lancome was out of stock in all shops I called. So I called the customer center, which only suggested me to call each shop, which I have done. I almost gave up on getting it, but I wanted to ask the one in Shibuya one more time though I did not expect much. 

The shop manager was there, and she made the other client wait and checked if there was the stock anywhere on the computer. She found 5 shops that had the stock.  As people were waiting, I told her that it was more than enough, and I was going away with those telephone numbers. But she insisted on calling shops. After she called three shops, and I felt guity with making other people wait, and I asked her to stop calling, and I left there.

She gave me two numbers. After  I got back to the office, I called one shop in Yamanashi, west of Tokyo, and luckily they had one ! Well, the cutomer center said they had no idea, and Isetan said all shops had no stock…. 

Next day, I went there to thank her though she did not seem to think it was a big deal. 
Being a nice shop is to give a customer one more extra service than expected, I thought)

Thank you for reading again, and I will write tomorrow about some cultural aspects of Japan.


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