Rainy season in Japan

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Hi Everyone, 

This year Tsuyu ( rainy season ) is really rainy ! Now at mid-July, it rains almost daily. Most weekends we have had rain since June,  and an umbrella is always in a bag. Usually July is a month when we suffer from hot night(Lol) but this year is different.

When I watch baseball in the rain, I feel sorry for attendants who get wet terribly…. Baseball traditionalists say it should be played under the Sun and domed stadiums are not poplar in North America, but I think Japan needs more domes! Now we have 6 domes (a half of 12 teams ) for professional baseball but we need more. Well, 50% of fans are against this idea in Japan, but I don’t like watching baseball in the rain.

Good thing in Tokyo is that we can move around by subway. I am located in Shibuya and Isetan is 3 stations away from Shibuya by subway so that I don’t get wet when I shop there. 

On a rainy day, I went to Isetan for Shu Uemura and Chicca. Shu is busy but Chicca is a shop that usually has no waiting clients.  But this time was different…There was a long line for Chicca. Very unusual. 

It turned out that Chicca was going to close the operation. It is surprising as I get orders from time to time.

Chicca is a Kanebo brand so I assume employees are going to work for Kanebo.  

Anyway, if you are interested d in Chicca, please let me know. 


Other brand updates
Hakuhodo Canadian squirrel is not back in stock yet. 

Do you know Hakuhodo has products limited to USA ? Mostly S series:

These are ones I know.

151 150 165 5221a 5523b 147 149

I am planning to sell Bisyodo and Koyomo by 10 % discount in August.

I will keep you updated)

Thank you for reading again,