Konkatsu in Japan

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Last week, I went to Isetan that had a makeup event most of makeup companies participated in. They performed makeup shows and sold items only for this event.

I had a chance to talk to the SUQQU makeup artist who is always on instagram, though I had a more interesting ‘event.’

Abruptly, I was called by a shop employee I had known and asked  if I speak English. And how she could improve her English.  Of course, there are many ways to study English, but I told her  I was into watching the same movie again and again, and remembering conversations.  I also told her she could meet many foreign shoppers at Isetan. 

She now has a friend from Ireland, and is getting interested in foreign countries. 

That is good) 

Well, in Japan, I have this impression that women are more interested in foreign cultures and languages than men. Generally, women speak English better than men, too.

And she said she was interested in meeting foreign men. and asked me to introduce if I knew anyone.   She was very straightforward , and surprised me. I like it!

In Japan, there is a word of ‘Konkatsu,’ which means the activity to get married. And this ‘konkatsu’ market is getting big, as more and more people don’t get married or get married late.

And Konkatsu gets difficult because people have very specific or sometimes too many desires. It is said that women want to marry a man who is nice looking (Ikemen), tall and earning well.   e.g. $ 70,000 annual salary.  Average salary in Tokyo is $60,000  and $40,000 on an all-Japan basis.  So maybe the first step would be to move to Tokyo)  Moreover,  $70,000 in their early thirties is only earned in big companies e.g. trading firms and banks.  Maybe less than 10%,

So what do they do ?

There are many marriage consultants, who introduce single people.  

Omiai (formal introduction) used to be a typical way of meeting for a marriage but not these days. In Omiai, there are matchmakers who want to take care of single people in each community or village. And they talk and arrange a meeting between people who don’t know. Actually my parents met through an Omiai. My mother told me that  a 70years old lady arranged a meeting for her.

Many Omiai marriages a few decades ago.

Now Konkatsu instead of Omiai.

About the shop lady. 
I have a friend from Taiwan and he is interested) 
Will see how it goes.

Thank you for reading)