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I had a chat with Tanseido today.  As you may know, Tanseido is one of Kumano brush makers. It differs in that all materials are made in Japan. Takeda says the same. There is a certain threshold to claim ‘made in Japan’ but those 2 companies are 100% made in Japan, they say. 

Sadly, they don’t sell at wholesale prices, so I add 30% fee when I sell. I have been asking them to sell at a wholesale price but….. I pay a postage from Hiroshima to Tokyo, so Tanseido is a bit tricky for me..

They suggest to me if I buy e.g. 10 sets, they can give me a wholesale price.  I need more orders from you)

I heard an interesting thing from Tanseido today.

Tanseido said,

‘We made Shu Uemura brushes.  But, Shu was bought by Loreal, in which time they switched Tanseido to someone else. And their brushes are now synthetic.’  

That is why they call themselves a retailer. No OEM or wholesale though OEM, making products under a seller’s name, seems to be a recent trend. Hakuhodo, Chikuhodo,and Koyudo all are aggressively into the OEM market.  Maybe if you consider your brand, Tanseido will good )

They still sell similar brushes to Shu Uemura, not exactly the same, but the prices are reasonable.

Some are:

アイシャドウブラシ YMQ 10 - 熊野筆・メイクブラシ・化粧筆の丹精堂オンラインショップ:ファンデーションブラシ、フェイスブラシなど多数販売
アイシャドウブラシ YKQ 12 - 熊野筆・メイクブラシ・化粧筆の丹精堂オンラインショップ:ファンデーションブラシ、フェイスブラシなど多数販売

(Shu Uemura brushes in the pictures)

I feel they excel in that they have more hair in stock, especially squirrel and kolinsky. They make good products. Their products are made by a good craftsman. 

If they are more active in marketing, they will get more known.