Do you know Dankai no Sedai ?

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Hi Everyone,

The other day, I came across a twitter saying, ‘these days ‘Dankai’ people are not polite, and take it for granted that they can get good service’

I want to write about it because I feel the same way.

In Japan, or probably the rest of the world, many men came back from the war in 1945, got married and had babies. In Japan we call those who were born from 1947 to 1949 ‘Dankai no Sedai ‘ . ‘Dankai’ means ‘mass’ and ‘Sedai’ means ‘generation.’

Those baby boomers are now about 70 years old.

Japan grew economically from 1950 to 1980. Companies assure life time employment. Salaries increase as they get old. Well, the society might not be diverse as now, but it is a happy era for many people.

On the contrary, older people than those ‘Dankai’ ages survived the war and poverty.

My grandmother was born and raised in a rural town in Hiroshima. She did not even graduate from elementary school and worked at ryokan (tradition type of hotel in Japan ). She moved to Taiwan later, and came back in 1945 after the war ended.

I loved stories she told me, it even now encourages me to recall what she experienced. I am living in peaceful ‘Yuru chara and Kawaii Japan’ LOL. I take many things for granted that my grandmother never thought of.

So I respect old people.

Now those Dankai generation. They have been spoiled and take many services for granted. Everyone got a job and got promoted as the economy expanded. They expect young people to respect ? Maybe.

I once gave them seats on the train but they didn’t even say ‘thank you ‘….

That tweet have many replies that people agree that ‘Dankai’ people are not polite.

It is my biased opinion and please don’t consider ‘all Japan’ opinion )) Maybe I met some rude Dankai guy today ..,


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Thank you for reading!