Fude companies sell brushes at discount ?

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Hi Everyone, 

I have received a few questions if brush makers sell at discount. I want to write about it on this blog as I chatted with Chikuhodo today.

I had thought that they sell brushes at discount prices only at Fude Festival. Fude Festival is an annual festival where they express thankfulness to brushes and to animals whose hair is used.

About discount, I just called Chikuhodo today. 
Their reply is that
‘it is one-time deal only at Chikuhodo factory.
They sell discounted brushes to people who travel to Kumano as a gratitude for a long trip.

Yeah, Kumano is pretty far, even in Hiroshima, it is 
far from a train station so you need to go by car or taxi. I had never been there even when I was living one hour away from Kumano when I was in Hiroshima.

So Chikuhodo sometimes makes brushes with different sizes or shapes that  cannot be used for regular products. Not defect but it doesn’t fit to the requirements of regular products. They also combine hair not used with other types of handles and make products not sold regularly. Some brushes that are a part of a set are also sold individually.

I asked if we could buy.
Chikuhodo said 
‘ only once a year on the fude festival day at the factory’
‘We sell regular products at discounted prices at festival and sell non-regular products at the factory. Noel set, for example, is discounted and also available on an individual basis at the factory.’

I feel a passion from Fude Lovers but Hiroshima is far away from Tokyo so I cannot go ….that being the case, maybe it is worthwhile to visit a festival and tour around Hiroshima. Beautiful Miyajima island, Pease Memorial Park, Okonomi, Fried Oyster etc.

Thank you for reading.