Dogs saved by a rescue team

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Hi Everyone,

Summer is over finally and we have a cool night. The quality of my sleep is getting good) The fall is one of the best seasons in Japan, I think)

Bad news is that the fall has many typhoons in Japan.
A few weeks ago, Tokyo was hit by a typhoon and the train did not operate properly. Some local cities were hit by heavy rains.

I saw a twitter that eastern parts of Tokyo were flooded by rain.

There was one picture in twitter that caught my attention.
The city was flooded and people escaped to the roof. They brought their 2 dogs to the roof, seemingly Shiba dogs.

I saw another twitter saying that it is a priority of the rescue team to save a human being first. The mission of a rescue team is to save as many people as possible.

A rescue man said to this lady,
‘We came to save you’
‘But your dogs are your family and we will save them, too’
Those dogs were rescued.

It may be argued that the rescue team should have gone and saved another family. And it was his call or judgment depending on a situation. Many people were impressed with his act actually.

I was thinking,
There are always rules and exceptions. Japan or Japanese people tend to follow a rule. Japan still has a mentality of ‘village’ or ‘community’ where a certain rules govern. Well, that is good in most cases. You see Japanese try to behave well.

On the other hand, Japanese people behave more uniformly, so creativity may be disturbed. Rules are sometimes broken by people who want changes , and maybe Japan is not changing as much as it should be.

I am usually on the side of breaking a rule, lol, and I like that dogs were saved)

Thank you for reading!



  1. Michelle Margolis says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this. This story tells many beautiful aspects of the characters of the rescuers, and of you, too. 😊

  2. Toshiya says:

    Thank you so much!