Typhoon is coming to Tokyo

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Hi Everyone,

Typhoon is approaching Tokyo and it is said to a big one.
It is 3pm in Japan now and Typhoon is in south of Tokyo.

Japan is a country with mountains and rivers so with a big typhoon, rivers are flooded and houses on the mountains face dangers. In Tokyo, most trains are not running, and department stores are closed all day today.

Both of baseball playoffs, though played in Dome, Tokyo Dome and Seibu Dome, were called off. Even though it is in-house baseball, people cannot come to a stadium.

This is a picture of Shizuoka.

Maybe blog time.
The problem is that I cannot write only by sitting. I walk around and come back to writing and walk…

But I cannot get out of home today.
So I decided to check Netflix and came across a movie called
‘Stand by me.’

I have heard of the movie and music, and that young Kiefer Sutherland was acting. But never seen it myself.

Maybe many of you watched this movie, and liked it.
A story of four 12 year boys’ adventure, and growing up during the two days. Some people grow up gradually and some grow up after experiencing one incident. It is said to be a story of the author, Stephen King.

Stand By Me • Theme Song • Ben E. King

In the ending scene, one boy asked his friend
‘I’m never gonna get out of this town, am I?’

His friend said ‘you can do anything you want, man’

I was asking this question many times when I was a boy in a rural town of Hiroshima… I should remember it even now and going forward.
‘I can do anything I want’

Now checking news, the typhoon is coming to Tokyo at 9pm.
Will write more tomorrow,

Thank you for reading,