Today I want to talk about Mikimoto Pearl cosmetics

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Mikimoto Cosmetics

Hi Everyone, 

I may have been talking more about ‘Japan’ or ‘Japan culture’ than cosmetics or brushes these days. 

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Today I want to talk about a cosmetic brand,  called Mikimoto. 

(I will do write about ‘Japan’ later.)

Have you ever heard of Mikimoto?

It is a company that makes pearl accessories.

Mikimoto succeeded in culturing pearl in 1893 the first time in the world. 

It has developed its business of accessories and added cosmetics later.  So many people outside Japan don’t know their cosmetic brand yet. 

They have a shop in Ginza Mitsukoshi so you may have visited it. But they don’t have many shops.

Their products have a pearl ingredient that moisturizes skin and works for anti-aging. The pearl works under the skin to produce more collagen, I was told. 

They have makeup products as well. 

Here is a link.

スキンケアのシリーズの一覧ページです。御木本製薬の真珠から生まれた基礎化粧品は保湿・美白に優れ、うるおいに満ちたスキンケアです。ミキモト コスメティックス(MIKIMOTO COSMETICS)の公式サイト。

And I get the following from the web page.

Pearl Collagen® is a fascinating ingredient that creates a moisture veil with exceptional moisturizing capacity and sustaining power.

And from the nacreous layer, we extracted Pure Pearl Minerals® This ingredient, which focuses on creating a protective barrier, regulates your skin’s regenerative cycle and supports healthy skin.

Thank you for reading!

Sorry that this is rather short ! I am writing about Ramen Ichiran now for my next blog