Do you know the second highest mountain in Japan after Mt.Fuji?

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Hi Everyone,

Do you know the second highest mountain after Mt.Fuji in Japan?
(The picture above is Mt. Fuji)

Mt. Fuji is so famous that many Japanese don’t know it.

I didn’t know, either.

I checked Wiki and found out it is Mt. Kita.

It is not as beautiful as Mt. Fuji, but looks good, right?

That makes me think this :

Important to be No. 1.

Many people can tell the gold medalist of a 100m competition, but who is the second?

What is the largest country in the world?
What is the second?

Peter Thiel, a founder of PayPal, says that it is important to start a business in a small market and win it. And grow from there.

PayPal focused on the heavy users of eBay first.

It has grown by taking a good market share by focusing on the small market.

Now PayPal is huge.
When I was a high school student, I lost my motivation to study. I spent very lazy and worthless three years. No dream, no plan, and no fun.

And I have found myself in trouble that I will not be admitted to any university.

The problem is not that I don’t go to a university, but that I cannot find what I want.

Very hesitant to say this but I need time to think what to do before being on the job market.

What a negative motivation to go to a university!

It was too late to study all subjects,
English, Math, Japanese, World History, Japanese History, Chemistry, and Physics for national universities.

So I began to search for universities with fewer subjects.

Keio University has only three subjects. English, Math and World History.

The good thing was also that the English scores account for 50% of the total.

I kept studying only English as I was interested.

It was November. The exam was in February.

I tried scoring the minimum score to pass. English first and World History second. Studied hard for three months by my standard, lol.

In the end, I was accepted to a school I targeted.

My presents still say to me, ‘it is such a waste of money to send you to a prep school.’ I quit attending the prep school after the first week…

I wish I could do three years at high school again….

Since that time, it has been my direction all the time to focus on and excel in a small market.

To find a small market and invest my time.

Looking at Fude(brush) market, it is not the largest of all cosmetics, but I feel the enthusiasm of the Fude lovers. This market has the depth.

I want to focus on the fude market!

By the way, the largest country is Russia.
Canada is the second.

Thank you for reading!