Now most shop employees wear masks

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Hi Everyone,

Due to the Coronavirus, department store employees now wear masks. The only exception was Lancome. 

On the subway, it is 50% of passengers that wear masks, I observe.

By the way,
in Japan, many wear masks even before the Coronavirus.

The purpose is to prevent flu, of course,
but some women wear them when they don’t do makeup)

Did you know?


It is February, and February is a month of entrance exams.

In Japan, school starts in April.
February and March (national universities) are the months of exams.

It is hard for students as it is one-time match. The new system of essay and recommendation started several years ago, but still not finalized.

Junior high schools’ exams start from February 1, and then high schools, private universities, and national universities in March.

Good junior high schools are believed to be better routes to good universities and a good university was a ‘good’ life in Japan.

But now kids want to be something else.

The value of Japanese is changing.

I read an interesting article.
Yu Darvish, a baseball player in Chicago, tweeted,
‘my way of using a chopstick may not be traditional to Japan, but there are many ways.’ 

Some Japanese criticize that he needs to correct his way. Some say it depends on an individual.

Darvish responded that it was his way.
Some believe it should be a traditional way, which is fine for him.

Actually, I like him. 

I like his way of initiating discussions. 

But yes, I know Japanese and some foreigners respect the Japanese tradition and think we should follow it. I respect the tradition. And He is fine with others following the tradition, but he is just doing his own. 

He is saying it is not the only way. 

I guess I am trying to say,

Whether students pass or fail, there will be an interesting life with a value they believe.

Ganbette! (do your best!)