Limited products – Dior, Laduree, Celvoke

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Hi Everyone,

It is said that the Japanese love saving money. Is it true?

Japanese like saving money?

People want to be assured lifelong or long, to say the least.

This ethics ? was taught  in the Meiji Era( 1868 – 1912 ) when many countries tried to increase weapons to use in wars. 

Saving is good for the government to increase power at that time.

The concept of saving has since been loved by people in Japan. 

There is an argument.

If people spend money, of course, in good ways, it will increase economic power in general, and people will get more wealthy, many economists say.

Of course,  ‘good’ ways are hard to come up with.  

Anyway, it is one of the Japanese traditions.

I talked about Yu Darvish, a baseball player in Chicago, who challenged the traditional way of using a chopstick. 

It is another traditional way which could be challenged.  

It seems to be similar to the ‘Giver’ concept,  where the money is given (?) to people and it eventually increases the money of other people. 

My  father loves saving, my mother loves spending, LOL.

Maybe changing)


I checked the limited products today. 

This is Celvoke eyeshadow 2400yen.

Yokohama Takashimaya will open the first shop, and this is limited to Yokohama.

This is Laduree limited 3840 yen. It comes with a kit.

These are Dior limited.

Lip Maximizer 4440 yen

Face powder 6960 yen

Eyeshadow 9360 yen.

This is not limited. A client of mine sent me a nice picture of Chikuhodo Silver fox brushes.

Thank you. 

Please take a look more.


Thank you,