Which products have been sold most by Fude Japan ?

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Hi Everyone,

Japanese Government decided to extend the ‘stayhome’ to the 31st of May.

They will revisit the timeline on the 14th. So the period may be shortened.

I  have received orders for items sold at department stores, such as SUQQU, THREE, D&G, Lunasol, etc.

I will try and buy them as early as possible.

Sorry to keep you waiting!

I wrote about crowdfunding as a method to have rare products produced.

I checked which products have been bought most, whether limited or regular. The following order is ranking by amount, so more sets, powder and cheek brushes than eyeshadow brushes.

  • Z4
Chikuhodo Z-4 Cheek/Highlight Brush
Z Series
  • B-FD-01
Bisyodo B-FD-01 Foundation Brush
Hair: goat
  • Z1
Chikuhodo Z-1 Powder Brush
Z Series
  • Fox set
Chikuhodo Silver Fox 5 Brush Set with Pouch
SET: FO-1; FO-2; FO-3; FO-4; FO-5; Pouch
  • KK002
Kyureido KK-002 Cheek Brush
Blue Squirrel cheek brush Brush length: 15,5 cm Hair length: 3,5 cm Hair: Blue squirrel Engraving free
  • White Canadian squirrel face M -currently out of stock
#Kihitsu #Koyudo white Canadian squirrel Face M 36000 yen
  • Kiwami set – sold out

  • FO-1
Chikuhodo Silver Fox FO-1 powder
  • White Canadian squirrel cheek Koyudo (only in red available now)
Kihitsu White Canadian Squirrel Cheek Brush Red Makie
  • Z8
Chikuhodo Z8 Cheek Brush
Hair: Blue squirrel
  • RC-2
Chikuhodo RC-2 Blush Brush
  • 2016 Noel

  • P-8
Chikuhodo P8 Powder brush
  • P-FO -sold out
Breathtakingly gorgeous Chikuhodo limited-edition silver fox P-FO Brush (Round 47mm)#chikuhodo #竹宝堂 #TesshyuTakemori #PFO #silverfox #筆司鉄舟 #新感覚 #業界初 #シルバーフォックス #灰リスに匹敵 #50本限定発売 #limitededition #50only #fude #handmade #madeinjapan #japan #japaneseart #ccsbrush #personalized #diptyque #diptyquecandle #candleholder #photophore #collection34 #origami #Anamorphée @fudejapan
  • Kihitsu Green set – sold out
Kihitsu Green Saikoho Set 5
Hair: goat saikoho Engraving free
  • 2017 Noel set – sold out
#chikuhodo Noel 38100 Yen

Thank you for reading!