Popular make-ups sometimes come back.

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Hi Everyone,

We had a summer-like day today, and Tokyo had only five new corona cases and Osaka had zero.

Many cities’ life was back to normal though the lifestyle has been changing.

This week, Nayoya Takashimaya will be back to normal operation where I can buy Hakuhodo and makeup products – not all brans but getting close to normal.

Mailing situation remains the same – no EMS to USA, Russia, Australia and most of EU countries. I really hope it will recover soon!

Sorry – please wait a little more till you receive brushes and make-ups.

I was informed by a client of mine that Celvoke was selling old limited eyeshadows.

I have also seen a Chicca eyeshadow 06 Neo Sepia, which was sold one year ago. I was asked by some clients to buy it when it was on sale again.

I was going to ask my clients but it was sold out within one day…

So quick..

But this is interesting because I know some of you are interested in old limited producuts.

Sorry it is a short blog this time.

I will write more next time!

Thank you,