152 Fude Japan brush – 2

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Hi Everyone, 

I received many messages to congratulate on my brushes.  Thank you very much!

I want to write the background why I have own products in this blog.

It is normal for business to buy many brushes upfront and sell them till the stock gets zero.  Many retailers do this type of business.

I chose not to do so and I have been doing business of buying and selling products only when requested by clients. This is no-inventory business.

It takes time and I sometimes lose opportunities to sell more as I don’t have a stock.

It is, though, risky to keep an inventory as it puts pressure on cash.  It also takes time to sell all products or it is not unusual to have many products left in the warehouse (well, maybe a warehouse is not needed for brushes)

As a small start-up business, I wanted to begin small, which allows me to fail or try many times. It is not avoidable to fail when we begin business.

Failure is nature of business.

One win, and nine loses. That is a low winning ratio, but it is how business is.

This time, I decided to have my own products. 
My current business is to buy many kinds of products, from brushes to makeup, clothes, chocolate … That has been fun, and I will continue to do so because that service can be unique. 

But it takes time, and the profits are not good for time spent.

I have come to think it important to have ‘my products’ that will support my business in a long run.

I have been thinking about these products:

White Canadian squirrel

Red Canadian squirrel 

Yakusugi handles 

Rare products like P-FO.

I want to sell those products, but the hair is so scarce that I need to wait. 

my brushes are made by Kyureido, which makes some high-end Japanese brands. I trust their qualities, so it is a good start.

Thank you for reading!


These are pictures of ADDICTION eyeshadows, Decorte face powder in December and Guerlain limited lip cases.