165 My first year experience at Canon – 2

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Hi Everyone,

Yesterday, I wrote about my first year experience at Canon.
I received several feedback, thank you.

I have worked for several companies since I left Canon.
People say that Japanese are hard-working,
but I found that

those expats in Tokyo work very hard from my experiences.
Americans, Hongkongers, Australians, British, Irish, Dutch… that I worked with.


My first year was full of work, definitely beyond my capacity.

A year later, I was assigned to Canon USA, Long Island, NY.
Those experiences were also great and I want to write in another time.

So I am only thankful to Canon.

Last year, I was checking Canon performance on the web.

I recognized two familiar names in the Canon executive section.

Those two guys did the same work as I did.
Three years in a row. I was the second year.
I learned from one guy and taught the other guy.

If I kept working for Canon, I could be an executive ? Maybe.

But I can say this – those two guys must have worked to a full capacity and complained, ‘why only me working late at night’ as I did.

And they might have felt the work after the first year was not that hard.

I don’t feel jealous at all, but I feel only thankful to Canon.
Canon gave me the fundamentals to work on.

Whether is is Japanese way or not, whether it is successful or not,
hardworking experiences will be your assets.

Today I was informed by Kihitsu

Kihitsu Fupa01 5000 yen is still in stock.

Please let me know.

Fupa13P, 3800 yen, with Kihitsu logo is a good deal

Koyudo Fupa13P was 5020 yen.
It is old inventory with old hair.

Following cheek brushes of Koyomo

are now out of stock.

Pearl Pink
Pearl White


I posted a video of suqqu lip brushes.

You can see how Kolinsky performs differently from Itachi.

Brush makers call itachi.
Itachi is weasel in English.

Itachi in Japan is Nippon (Japan) Itachi.
Nippon Itachi is one kind of weasel (itachi).
So is Kolinsky.

I need to learn more about this animal.

By the way, I watch African wild animals on youtube on a regular basis.

One of my favorite is Honey Badger, who fought against lions fiercely.
It is one kind of Itachi, too. I found.

Thank you for reading.