I may not be a typical Japanese….

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(the picture is Takeda brush)

Hi Everyone,

My work time is a little different.

I wake up early but I sleep late. I try to sleep more, but maybe I’m a short sleeper….

I pack parcels in the morning for DHL, FedEX and EMS, and take a subway go to Shibuya sometime after lunch.

I rent space at Shibuya for work, but I only stay there 3- 4 hours, and go on a shopping.

To me, it is important to change a place where I work, so that I don’t get bored.


Some shops are friendly, welcome my visit, and give me good information, too.

I like this flexible style, but it is not typical in Japan.

When I leave home, I sometimes run into a friendly janitor.

She is maybe 70 years old, was born and raised in Yamagata, a very rural prefecture in the north.

Those country people tend to be friendly.

She talks to me all the time.

Each time, she says,

‘Lucky you! You go to work like a Shogun!!’ Shogun was a top of Samurai, 300 years ago, so he was able to do whatever he wanted. Well, I agree to some extent,


I say to myself, ‘ my clients live in foreign countries, maybe 12 to 16 hours time difference. I work late’

‘that is why Shohei Ohtain, a baseball player, plays baseball every morning, not at night, in Southern California.’ ‘ I work by the Shohei time zone! while most Japanese people are relaxed’

(of course, I don’t say to her. so she wonders what my job is, LOL)

These are what arrived at my place today. Takeda is flexible and can accommodate to a client request. Ferrules and handles can be changed.

Thank you for reading!