Why do I watch Netflix ?

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#hakuhodo at #mitsukoshi
#hakuhodo #mitsukoshi

Nowadays in Japan, like the rest of the world, movies can be watched at Netflix, Amazon, Hulu…

I watch them on the train.

I used to go home by Shinkansen (super express) from Tokyo to Hiroshima.

It takes about five hours.

I buy a lunch box at Tokyo Station, a cup of coffee inside the train and listen to music.

I get happy with eating lunch, drinking coffee and listening.

I can enjoy them……….. till Kyoto or Osaka.

On arriving at Kobe, three hours from Tokyo, I am always aware that boredom reaches to the max.

I get full with food, coffee and music.

I cannot sleep on the train well, so I begin to think a lot.

Many of them are useless, LOL.

After Okayama, I finally see my destination – Hiroshima.

My happiness reaches the max as I get relieved that I can get out of a train.

Now with Netflix or baseball on the computer,

I can easily spend those five hours, watching them.

I watch movies at gym, running and walking. I give myself an excuse why I watch movies – it is for my English study. So I don’t watch Japanese movies.

I get happy when I understand English of persons in a movie while some are really hard to understand.

The other day, I ran into an actor whose English was extremely difficult to understand.

His name is Russell Crowe.

I will talk about him next time.

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