Mikimoto Holiday set

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Mikimoto Cosmetic is not as popular as other brands. Its ingredients are uniquely made from pearls and said to restore and retain the moisture of the skin.

There are only three department shops in Tokyo – Shinjuku Odakyu Ikebukuro Tobu and Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi in addition to the main shop in Ginza. So I don’t visit them often.

So the brand is not known outside of Japan.

I buy holiday sets every year and their service is great. I feel they try to help clients. Maybe because they are not so popular. But it is important to be ‘nice’ to clients as they became ‘fans.’

I am not a fan but I say they are easy to call, talk to and ask questions. And I can call them anytime, which makes shopping easy.

They have 2022 Holiday sets.

Liquid Christal set (13200yen)

Face Powder set (9240yen)

Multi-makeup palette (9240yen)