From Sabine

#repost @sabina_beautyisunique・・・Прилетели мои вкусняшки из Японии от @fudejapan ️Уж не знаю, чего я больше ждала, Melty...

Feedback from Europe

If anyone is thinking of ordering any of those Chikuhodo silver fox brushes from Toshiya, they are ah-MAAAZ-inggg, soft...

Testimonial of FudeJapan by Natasha Kong 

Testimonial of FudeJapan by Natasha Kong  When there's Japanese brushes that are hard to get outside Japan, my main g...

It felt like I was shopping with him from the comfort of my couch!

Toshiya has a knack for finding exactly what you want even if you yourself aren't too sure of what that is. I reached ...

Fude lovers’ visit to Japan

The town of Kumano has the fude (brush) festival every September.  Several brush lovers came to Japan. Here is a mess...
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