From Sabine

#repost @sabina_beautyisunique・・・Прилетели мои вкусняшки из Японии от @fudejapan ️Уж не знаю, чего я больше ждала, Meltykiss, кисти или новую палетку Shu Uemura Chromatics Sakura Nudes По крайней мере сладости пошли первыми в ход🏿 А кисти в этот раз базовые от Hakuhodo. Как и в прошлый раз сделаю раскрытый пост. Выбирала в этот раз специально для использования кремовых текстур. Загляните в сториз, там я показываю палетку поближе.

Feedback from Europe

If anyone is thinking of ordering any of those Chikuhodo silver fox brushes from Toshiya, they are ah-MAAAZ-inggg, softer than kittens! 

My favourite part of ordering hard-to-source goodies from Japan is getting to chat with Toshiya. He makes every ordering step so unexpectedly pleasant and human, he is everything that big business shopping leaves out.

I’ve been shopping with Toshiya for at least 5 years now (holy heck has it really been that long?!), and he surprises me with the depth of his patient polite kindness each and every time. 

I’ve ordered Chikuhodo Takumi brushes, Japan-only versions of Hakuhodo brushes/brush cases, and a limited Asia-only release of a Guerlain illuminating powder (does anyone not adore those?).

If it is available in Japan, Toshiya can get it for you. The sweet little extras he includes in the parcel as a surprise just round off the perfect shopping experience.

I’m sure some shoppers pay far more to others for far less than Toshiya provides. If I could invent the perfect shopping service I’m still convinced Toshiya would do it better.   

Now Toshiya, after all my compliments be sure to keep your head swelling low and maintain your excellent standards, because you know you wouldn’t like me when I’m cranky. 😛

Robin. 🙂 <3

Testimonial of FudeJapan by Natasha Kong 

Testimonial of FudeJapan by Natasha Kong 

When there’s Japanese brushes that are hard to get outside Japan, my main go to has always been FudeJapan. He has always been courteous and gives great service. I have received my brushes safely and very quickly. It is not only me who can attest to his service, but I have other friends as well who have made order s with him and received them satisfactorily. Not only can he obtain brushes for you, but other hard-to-find Japanese cosmetics as well such as SUQQU or ADDICTION!


Here are some of my brushes I have ordered from FudeJapan! I have been very happy with his service 

It felt like I was shopping with him from the comfort of my couch!

Toshiya has a knack for finding exactly what you want even if you yourself aren’t too sure of what that is. I reached out to him after seeing a Hakuhodo brush set featured on his Instagram page and before I knew it I was buying 3 brush sets and a Suqqu eyeshadow quad. He truly goes above and beyond for his customers. I had been interested in a certain brush style and while at the store he posted pictures to his Instagram page of all the brush sets that matched my interests so that I could choose one. It felt like I was shopping with him from the comfort of my couch! He’s patient (as I had many questions with this having been my first purchase with him) and makes himself easily accessible whether it be through his active Instagram page or email. We started discussing my order on June 3rd, it was shipped on June 9th and arrived at my home in Texas on June 13th. I’m a bit of a brush enthusiast so I have a good number of brushes from some beautiful brands but the Hakuhodo ones Toshiya helped me purchase are among my absolute favorite. The quality and softness are beyond reproach and I can’t wait to add more to my collection in the future. I’ll definitely be using Toshiya’s services again and highly recommend him to anyone hoping to purchase some of these harder to get items.
-Ashley R.

Fude lovers’ visit to Japan

The town of Kumano has the fude (brush) festival every September.  Several brush lovers came to Japan.

Here is a message of Kenya who visited Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Hiroshima.

“Thank you so much for your company, help, directions, walk through, ALL you did for us; you are an excellent ambassador of your country. We were all amazed of how you had the time to care for us and make us feel at home 󾮟🏼
My husband has the best impression of you, very Japanese~attentive and curteous󾍘🏼”

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