Feedback from Europe

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If anyone is thinking of ordering any of those Chikuhodo silver fox brushes from Toshiya, they are ah-MAAAZ-inggg, softer than kittens! 

My favourite part of ordering hard-to-source goodies from Japan is getting to chat with Toshiya. He makes every ordering step so unexpectedly pleasant and human, he is everything that big business shopping leaves out.

I’ve been shopping with Toshiya for at least 5 years now (holy heck has it really been that long?!), and he surprises me with the depth of his patient polite kindness each and every time. 

I’ve ordered Chikuhodo Takumi brushes, Japan-only versions of Hakuhodo brushes/brush cases, and a limited Asia-only release of a Guerlain illuminating powder (does anyone not adore those?).

If it is available in Japan, Toshiya can get it for you. The sweet little extras he includes in the parcel as a surprise just round off the perfect shopping experience.

I’m sure some shoppers pay far more to others for far less than Toshiya provides. If I could invent the perfect shopping service I’m still convinced Toshiya would do it better.   

Now Toshiya, after all my compliments be sure to keep your head swelling low and maintain your excellent standards, because you know you wouldn’t like me when I’m cranky. 😛

Robin. 🙂 <3