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Kihitsu Tokyo Department Store March 2015

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Kihitsu Canadian Squirrel (Red Makie) 129,000 yen as a set




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Kihitsu Green Saikoho set, 30,000 yen

face 9,500 yen cheek 6,000 yen eyeshadow L 4,000 yen eyeshadow M 3,200 yen Liner 3,000 yen(all excluding 8% consumption tax)

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Kihitsu black saikoho set 15,000 yen as a set

Individual prices: Finishing 8,000 yen, Cheek 5,000 yen, Eyeshadow 3,000 yen (all excluding 8% consumption tax)

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  1. I am interested in these brushes. But I don’t understand the price range, how much is this set in american dollars, and also is this product available?! Thank you

    Kihitsu Canadian Squirrel (Red Makie) 129,000 yen as a set

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