One day after the typhoon

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Hi Everyone,

A big typhoon hit Japan, directly Tokyo.

I had many messages if I was ok when the typhoon hit Tokyo.
Thank you very much. Some regions had more damages than Tokyo, and more than 60 people died…..

The typhoon hit Tokyo on Saturday night.
It landed Shizuoka first, and moved to Tokyo. Tokyo faces the sea but it is a bay so usually safe from the sea disaster. eg. Tsunami. The Shizuoka sea was wild like this,

Maybe some of you know ‘Hakone’, a hot spring place. Hakone had the heaviest rain this time.

This typhoon brought heavy rain. Very very heavy.
Many rivers in the east were flooded, and houses near those rivers were inundated.

I live near the Tama River, which was also flooded. There were baseball fields next to the river, now they were completely under water. This picture was taken by a friend on Sunday. This place is 20 minutes by bicycle from my place.

As I grew up in Japan, I have been used to typhoons. My father always said, ‘it is a big one this time,’ but mostly, those typhoons turned out to be ‘not so big.’

I was optimistic this time as well. This time, it was BIG. Even Shibuya people were told to move to shelters, but it seemed that people were afraid to move out of houses. Rain was more than expected. The Shibuya Crossing was empty , and no trains.

It was 7pm when it hit Tokyo. Most scary was when an earthquake hit at night. It was gone quickly, but if it was big, that would have caused big damages as people were not able to get out of a house easily

The sky got clear on Sunday. We call it ‘Taifu Ikka.’ (台風一過)that means next day a typhoon passes, very clear sky will come back. This time was no exception. After midnight, the sky was like this.

I will write a part 2 tomorrow,

Thank you for reading,