After the Strong Typhoon

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Chikuhodo released Silver Fox brushes in September.

FO 1 and 5, powder and eyeshadow brushes, are currently out of stock, and I was informed by Chikuhodo that they could produce the brushes this weekend.
I will keep you updated, and sorry for the delay to those who have ordered.


Strong typhoon was all over Japan last weekend. Currently, Rugby World Cup is played all over Japan. Those players from 20 countries have experienced the typhoon as well.

Some games were canceled, and players and fans were disappointed but with these damages, that may have not been avoided. Fans’ life is important.

There was a nice story after the typhoon passed and damaged all over. Canadian team helped the city of Kamaishi, a small town in Tohoku, with cleaning the dirt. The news was spread all over Japan, and people were so moved and thankful. They say the champion of Rugby is Canadian team

Sports or travels, I think it great to mingle with local people. Not easy, especially a language barrier. And I think it needs a little bit of courage as well, but most of Japanese people will be happy to meet and talk. Maybe some are too friendly for a language lesson..e.g. a friend of mine has talked to tourists in Tokyo more than 10 times..

Canadian team in Yukata. Yukata can be worn in Ryokan, a traditional Japanese style hotel.

I had a general knowledge of rugby and this time I researched more. I will write more about how Japan team is made of this time. A half of them were foreign-born, in my next newsletter.

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