Are Tom Ford brushes made with natural hair?

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Hi Everyone,

The other day I was asked if Tom Ford still makes brushes with goat hair.

I received a similar question for Shu Uemura. They use to make Kolinsky brushes, but don’t make brushes with natural hair anymore.

The Shu synthetic brush prices are similar to those of natural hair, which I reckon disappoints some brush lovers.

As Tom Ford brushes look very similar to Hakuhodo brushes with goat hair, I had imagined that it was goat hair.

Tom Ford opened its first shop in Shibuya so I visited there.

A salesperson did not know so she went somewhere to check. And she came back with the other person.

This person was so open that she told me that their brushes used to be made by Hakuhodo with goat hair. But not anymore.

It is not made in Japan either. Actually, it seems to be a trend. Dior told me that their brushes were not made in Japan anymore.

Still, Kumano brushes provide many brushes to cosmetic companies.

Chikuhodo makes brushes for Kanebo and its group companies.
e.g. SUQQU, RMK.

But, most companies don’t reveal which cosmetic companies they provide with brushes. In most cases, it is a secret.

But, sometimes it is obvious.

Personally I think RMK sells good natural hair brushes for the values while most makeup companies sell brushes with synthetic hair. (the picture above)

It is true that I rarely get an order for brushes of makeup brands. People prefer Kumano brand brushes.

Also, makeup brands’ brushes are probably more expensive with advertising and personnel costs than Kumano brushes.

SUQQU has an interesting situation.
SUQQU at UK department stores sell brushes less expensive than in Japan, I guess, due to the currency exchange rate.

Some of you know this but you may want to check it)

I will ask more about brushes when I visit makeup brands.

Thank you for reading,


  1. Keiko Rochaix says:

    Hi I’m interested in purchasing a Suqqu Shimmer Liquid Blush 102. I’d like to make sure that you have one in stock before I pay in. I ask this question because the product seems to be sold out at almost everywhere else. Also, if you do, I ask that the item to be shipped to an address in Japan (Fukuoka). Can you adjust the postage? Thank you for your help. KR