After I graduated from high school, I came to Tokyo, but…

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Hi Everyone,

I went to a barber yesterday.

My purpose to go there is only to have my hair cut short. So I usually go to a 1200 yen hair cut that takes only 10 minutes.

A person who cut my hair spent more than 10 minutes and did a good job. She dyed her hair blonde, looking fashionable.

I guess she felt,
‘This guy just came to have his hair cut, and what a waste of my time. I want to work for a sophisticated place in Omotesando…..’

The other day, I talked about my high school days when I lost my motivation to live proactively.

Actually, it lasted for another 2 years at university (this picture is a university I attended) in Tokyo.

I know you travel to Tokyo and enjoy Tokyo fully. But, Tokyo did not change me. What a waste again…

Students in the junior year had to take a seminar for two years.  Among the classes I took, I chose ‘marketing.’

(Actually, I did not go to school much except for exams…)

I was not into marketing but into the professor.

He was a professor but more like a motivator.
There are many good things I learned from him, not about marketing.

He talked about his story when he studied at Harvard. He was not good at English. Harvard is known for a case study where you need to discuss a case with other students.

He had a strategy.

He was not able to understand and speak when a discussion progressed as he did not understand English well.

He sat in front of a professor and asked a professor to call him to speak firsr. He arranged it with a professor before a class started.

That way, he did not have to understand deeper discussions in the middle of the class.

Today, I was watching youtube.

A researcher in the youtube was talking about how to be a leader.

It is a simple way.

Speak first.

If you speak first, others regard you as an extrovert person and a potential leader.

You actually don’t have to be an extrovert. You can be as you are. But speak first.

If you speak first, others evaluate you as a leader, and you will get more tasks. Those tasks make you study or work, so you will be working at another level.

I just recalled my professor after I watched the youtube.
He might have used this strategy,

thank you for reading,