Japanese are wasting time in explaining their names….

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Hi Everyone,

Now in Japan, due to the coronavirus, big events are postponed or called off. Some companies  let their employees work at home.

Sports events are also postponed or played with no audience.

I went to Isetan yesterday, and there are much fewer Chinese tourists than usual, but still a lot of people.

I ask people who I work with or at shop about the virus.

It seems to depend on an individual how seriously they take it. I feel Japanese are, in a way, optimistic or, in another way, not realistic.

We are people who have been spoiled by the 75 years of peace. I am one of them.

At Isetan, I visited Shaquda, Decorte, and Lunasol.

Shaquda has new 3D brushes.

Decorte brushes are made by Hakuhodo.

There are eyeshadow pallets limited to Isetan.


I have noticed that the Japanese parents name their kids by very difficult Kanji.

I have a hard time reading those names. Some examples are:



I don’t know how they pronounce….

My last name is Fukuma, 福馬, which means Happy福 Horse馬.

Many people mistake it for Fukushima 福島.

When I was at school, some teachers kept calling me Fukushima, not Fukuma because they are similar kanji.

I was so used to it, and did not ask them to change it.  The same happens now when I go to shopping or order by phone.

If they don’t understand, I say, “Katakana is ok” My katakana name is


easy, right?

Well,  those kids with difficult names will have to correct or explain how to read their names for life.

If they live for 100 years, they will waste maybe 2 years of their time to explain their names, LOL.

Thank you for reading!