Coronavirus situation in Japan, feedback on synthetic hair brush

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Hi Everyone,

The coronavirus is spreading.

In Japan, schools have been closed for the last 3 weeks.

There are very few events whether big or small, professional baseball was postponed till April, Sumo is now played in front of no audience.

I walked around Shibuya today, and the Shibuya Crossing was still crowded.

But there were few people at Hachi.

Yet life in Japan is not very different from usual

Differences are that people wash their hands REALLY hard ! and wear more masks than usual at this time of pollen allergy spring.

I wash my hands whenever needed, but I come to work at Shibuya every day.  Business as usual.

Department stores are still crowded.

Considering the size of Tokyo and Japan, the spread was not as rapid as expected.

I cannot explain this well, but Japanese are optimistic or unrealistic… I cannot tell.

I received feedback on my blog about the trend of synthetic hair from several people.

They prefer natural hair,and it is one of the biggest reasons why Kumano brushes are bought.

I seldom receive an order for synthetic. The only exception is I5608N.

Even if brushes are made by brush craftsmen in Kumano, as long as it is synthetic hair, they will  not like it. I was told.

I gave this feedback to Kihitsu and he said there were some long selling synthetic brush sets.  It is sold by DHC.


Just for your information.

I know natural hairs are popular among fude lovers!

Thank you for reading!