How I send brushes overseas

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Hi Everyone,

I was informed that  JP Post cannot send a parcel to China from Japan, due to the decrease of fights between Japan and China. Now I cannot send products to China, excluding Hong Kong and Macau.

It seems that we can still send EMS to most countries.

The other days, I found that we cannot send EMS to Kazakhstan.

In this newsletter, I want to talk about how I send brushes and makeup to your country, and some issues I encountered.

I use EMS (Express Mail Service ) mainly. Very rarely I use registered mail.

The big difference is the amount of insurance covered by each method.

Registered mail insures 6000 yen at max, regardless of an amount put to the label.

EMS insures an amount written in the label and it is free coverage up to 20,000 yen.

If your purchase is 15000 yen and written on the label, it is fully insured by EMS for free premium, but registered mail insures only 6000 yen. If more than 20,000 yen,  with an additional charge, e.g. 50 yen to the next threshold, basically all is covered when lost or damaged.

It has been good for several years except for some delays.

I have recently had several issues and want to write about them.

I had three parcels that were not delivered last month. It was very rare to have three cases at the same time.

Holland, France and Brazil.

Those parcels were  not delivered.

When not delivered, an investigation request is submitted to the JP Post by me.

I usually bring it to a big Post. The closest one is Shibuya.

Usually, actions are taken directly the investigation is submitted.

The parcel in Brazil was delivered to a client very quickly, but there have been longer processes for French and Dutch cases.

Eventually, I was informed that the French one was lost, and that the Dutch one was returned to Japan.

It was not the end of the story for the French case.

I was requested to send a letter to seek for the insurance – 6000 yen for registered mail, but later, the box arrived at my place!

There was a report that it was lost but it actually was returned.

For several years, I have been sending parcels overseas, so far no loss of a parcel. And this time ended with no loss.

I felt sorry to my clients that wait so long…

I wish all to be good, but these types of troubles or exceptions give me good knowledge.

So I can grow.

Maybe I can be an EMS consultant LOL)


Thank you for your time,