Japanese work style will change soon – maybe

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Hi Everyone,

I regularly talk to Dior.

Two weeks ago, my contact said that fewer people were shopping these.days.

Few days ago, she told me that the shop was very crowded. Consumers came back.

As far as I am concerned, I still go to department stores on a regular basis, and it seems that there are many visitors there.

Isetan had many Chinese before but these days I mostly see Japanese. Still crowded.

Though many people are worried, they go shopping.

This is the current situation in Japan.

I visited the Pokemon Center and Nintendo at the new Parco. First time, but yes looks busy.

I don’t know how long it takes this situation to be over. Japanese seem to be relaxed. Mass media is busy with making people worry as always, as they can get more viewers and readers.

I cannot tell what will happen in the future, but one big factor is the Olympic Games.

I think it will be postponed, till later this year or 2 years.

Once it is decided, more moves will be seen in Japan.


There is another thing I can see. Many companies encourage workers to work at home or avoid the rush hour.

This may be big.

Japanese are evaluated by their faith or loyalty to a company not by individual performances. They don’t say so, of course but still is.

There are so many changes introduced to workplaces, but how faithful is still important. If your performances can sh0w numbers e.g. sales, it is different, but many performances are evaluated by their superiors, and this vague ‘faithfulness’ is counted.

Now this coronavirus.

Remote work  is encouraged and their performance will be evaluated by their output or what they produce. That will be a performance based evaluation.

The coronavirus might be a trigger for many people to change their workstyle.

Thank you for reading!