2020 Summer makeup

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Hi Everyone,

Today it is raining, but sakura gets good  to see day by day and  I saw many people going to sakura watching (or Hanami) despite the coronavirus situation yesterday.

I think soon the Olympic Games will be decided to be postponed, which will cause some moves in Japan. Maybe a lockdown 0f some cities.

At the moment, Japanese seem to be optimistic …

Today, I introduce 2020 summer collection.

Makeup sold at department stores.

Celvoke  new eyeshadows will be on sale from April 24.

18, EX12, EX13 (3840 yen each)
ADDICTION – Isetan sold these eyeshadows early in March. The other shops began selling on April 4.

2400 yen


Amplitude liquid eyes will be sold from May 27.

4560 yen each


ASSHIRO Eye palette

April 30 : SHIRO is very popular in China, I heard.

8400 yen

RMK Splash color eyes

April 17

3600 yen




Eye glow gem

April 16

3240 yen



Paul and Joe Eye color

May 1

3600 yen

Guerlain Apr 1


Three lip palette. 7800 yen

April 29.

Dior May 1


Dolce and Gabbana May 1


Lunasol Gel Oil lip 3840 yen

May 15

Shiseido Shimmer Gel Gloss 4200 yen

8, 9, 10

May 1

Laduree Glittering Eye Color  3000 yen

April 24

Thank you and I will keep you posted,