How did you find Fude Japan ?

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Hi Everyone,

Sakura is blooming, and still lots of people are walking around in Tokyo.

That is the current in Japan.

#shibuya crossing 3/24/2020

I have recently received an order of Chicca eyeshadows and I checked their website.

I found Chicca had closed all shops. They sell products only on its own site, Amazon and @cosme.

(I met some Chicca employees who are now working for Kanebo, Lunasol and Sensai…)

All brands are Kanebo.)

You can still order Chicca but the number of products might be limited.

It seems that the Olympic games postponed till next year as expected.

Personally, it is better for audience and also for competitors though I know some of competitors lose an once-a-life opportunity to participate in the games. The one year delay changes player’s surroundings, especially in the medal-rich countries like USA and Russia.

As for Japan, I see some trends.

They don’t do Judo well, but have been improving the track competition. e.g. 100m.

Maybe you don’t know how good  Japanese run 100m these days, LOL.


I wonder how you find me ?

I have around 12,000 followers to Instagram so maybe instagram is the SNS where people find me.

And google search. Very rarely, twitter. I do Pinterest as well.

I was reading an article about SNS.

Each SNS requires you to enter a password and makes it troublesome for people to enter a SNS.

I keep my passwords in the spreadsheet, as I have so many of them and I cannot catch up with remembering all.

The article says,

As it is troublesome to enter a SNS, people tend to use the same SNS over and over. Do you agree?

So it is important to post a picture or blog to several SNS even it is the same content.

I post a picture to Instagram first which will be automatically shared in other sites, e.g. facebook, twitter and Pinterest, etc.

I don’t know how effective it is but I try anyway and this type of article encourages me. Please forgive me if you see my posts over and over!

I guess a success rate is very low for most people.

People who can try over and over may be called ‘talented.’  Or ‘talented’ people are willing to try and make many mistakes.

In baseball, the batting average is considered good if it is over .300.

In real world, it goes down to .100, I reckon. And it is important to learn from the .900 mistakes and to improve a batting average to hit at scoring opportunities. Hit a homerun when it counts.

Maybe it is more mental than how smart people are.

I guess my batting average is smaller than .100, but someday, I may hit a homerun. And I look forward to it!

Thank you for reading!