Tokyo Lockdown ? Maybe soon

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Hi Everyone,

This weekend was quiet.

Usually, all parks are flooded with people during the sakura season.

With heavy snow and the Corona virus, Tokyo was quiet.

Even Hachi wears a mask.

It was sakura in full bloom on Friday but it snowed on Saturday…

Sakura and snow in Tokyo

I know I have to work on YouTube more, LOL. I cannot make  a change from comment-off to comment-on.

Rumor has it that Tokyo will be locked down from April 1.

If locked down, the department stores will be closed as well as other shops and restaurants.

But mail order should work. Brushes from Kumano should arrive at Tokyo as well.

Here is an update of the international mail.

News - Japan Post

If I cannot take an order for any particular brush or makeup products, I will let you know.  Please ask me.

I can keep your products till you are comfortable if you want)


Thank you for reading!



  1. BERNtoBeBeautiful says:

    Hello! I subscribed on your blog, love reading your posts. I also commented a ❤️ on your recent YouTube post, didn’t know you didn’t want your videos to be commented on, apologies for that, won’t do it again next time. Have a good day!