Update from Tokyo, and and a new Makie brush from Chikuhodo

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Hi Everyone,

Yes, Tokyo Governor had a press conference last night.

It will be a lockdown if the situation gets worse.  Now we are encouraged to stay home, especially on weekends, but it is still an ‘encouraged’ stage.

EU and North American countries are locked down, and I believe many business owners are in trouble.

Next several months, it will be hard for many people.
My clients are 100% outside Japan, so I will be trouble too.

I will be try best!


Chikuhodo has released a new makie brush.

It is Ume 梅 which is  Plum, grey squirrel with a makie handle, and 19000 yen.

I talked to Chikuhodo, and was told that

MK-UM brush head is the same as the one of MK-MO that was discontinued.

Please take a look.


MK-UM is a new version of MIK-MO,  with a Ume (plum ) design,

Please let me know if interested or you can buy it on the web page.

(MK-MO has been discontinued, but I keep it there for your inf0rmation)


Takashimaya in the Tokyo area will stop its operation in Tokyo.

Hakuhodo Shibuya will be closed, too.

Other department stores might follow.

It is only this weekend. I expect fewer Sakura watchers this week.

The decision making process in Japan is general slow. This could be either good or bad, depending on a situation.

I receive feedback from my blogs, and one is that my web page is not good yet.

I totally agree, and I will try improving it)

Sorry for your inconvenience.

Thank you!