More divorces in Japan by Corona virus ? Decorte New Foundation

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(the picture is sakura in Tochigi, north of Tokyo)

Hi Everyone,

I walked underground in Shibuya, and yes less people.

Shibuya underground

This Corona virus is affecting many aspects of life in Japan.

One is called ‘corona divorce.’

Many husbands and wives, who usually work outside,  stay home. And they spend all day together.

This causes a big stress to people. who had a reasonable distance in their marriage life.

The Japanese divorce rate is not so high compared to those of other countries.

But the reality is that some or many couples would be divorced in other countries’ culture.

Japanese couples stay, from an economic reason, a social pressure, especially from the perspective of raising children.

I worked for Canon in NY, and many Japanese come and work with their family.

In USA, couples stay together on weekdays and weekends as husbands don’t go out alone as they do in Japan – Izakaya, fishing, pachinko, whatever hobbies they have.

Interestingly, some Japanese couples’ relationships get better by talking more, and some get worse as they ‘get to know ‘ better.

I saw some who improved their relationships, and some who got divorced.

Now this seems to be happening under the corona circumstance where they cannot go outside.

There is a joke called ‘seven eleven’ in Japan.  Wives are happy when husbands work from 7am-11pm so that they don’t have to cook dinner and take care of them.  They can concentrate on raising children.

This lifestyle is forced to change. By corona.

I visited Isetan yesterday.

Well, it was quiet, and they have shortened the operation time, and closes at 7.

It will be closed this weekend.

Decorte has a new foundation – the first time cushion foundation.

This picture is shade 00 – colorless.

I called a shop, and found out that it is their first cushion foundation.

It has five shades, and 00 is colorless.

It has skincare ingredients as other AQ series do, so if you put it in the morning, you will have skincare all day. So, friendly to your skin.

Besides, no primer is needed and good for busy people in the morning.

Thank you for reading!