More plastic surgeries in Japan now under the corona virus situation

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(the picture is SUQQU Summer that will be released on May 1)

(Please see some other brands released in late April)

Hi Everyone,

It looks like the Government will order an ‘lockdown’ soon.

It will be in several cities, including Osaka and Tokyo.

Well, Japanese are, in a good or bad way, optimistic and still go out.

The increase of patients has not been dramatic, but still is growing.

Yesterday, I talked about ‘corona divorces.’

Today, I want to talk about a ‘plastic surgery.’

Now people are encouraged to stay home and to wear a mask when they go out.

Orthopedic surgeons get busy – ‘now good time to do surgery, especially under the lockdown.’

Always both sides of a coin whatever happens.

I picked up a parcel that was returned from the airport because (the Japan post said) it contained a spray, which is actually a pump.

Now that it was mailed to Russia, I cannot send it to Russia so I pick up  and keep it at home. Some EMS cannot be mailed to some European countries, which includes Russia.

A good side of this trip to the JP Post is that I was able to find a nice Sakura place.

Sakura in Tokyo

If Tokyo is locked down….

As far as Fude Japan is concerned, domestic courier and international mail are important.  Currently, domestic courier works, so I can get brushes from Hiroshima to Tokyo.

Internationally, I can still send parcels to most Asian countries, and North America.

Under the lockdown, it is important if a domestic courier and EMS work or not.

I have a feeling that it will still work.

I will keep you updated!

Thank you for reading.