I want to sell rare quality products

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(The picture is Muragishi )

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all safe.

We are in the middle of ‘stay home.’ in Japan.

All department stores are closed in Japan for food sections.

People are encouraged to work home.

If the request to ‘stay home’ gets long, it might be discussed whether the school year should be changed or not.  From (April – March) to (September – July), which will be the same as that of many countries.

Japan is very slow in changing the system, so I don’t think it will happen.

But many people are discussing a ‘after corona’ world.

Now USA join the list of the countries that EMS cannot be mailed to.

I can still send brushes to most of Asian countries.

Hakuhodo and makeup products, I hope, will be available from May 6, when department stores open again.

I will keep you posted.

Hakuhodo and Koyomo are on sale at a discount 0f 5% till May 6.

Rare products are requested from time to time by my clients, but due to a shortage of hair, they are not available.

Those hair include:

Canadian squirrel

White Canadian squirrel

Kolinsky cheek or powder

Saibikoho goat

I send requests to make brush makers, but it is slow….

A manufacturer needs a minimum order unit. e.g. 100 -300 brushes.

They want to get a bigger order.

I have been thinking of 2 alternatives:

One is crowdfunding.

It is funding but more like ‘pre-order.’

If there is a new idea or request for a product, I post to a crowdfunding site.

If I can get a funding sufficient to order in a bulk,  I give an order to a brush maker.

If the amount is under the required amount, all money paid will be returned.

We can tell whether a product is popular or not.

The other way is a group order.

I recognize you often belong to a fude community that sends me a group order.

If the number of orders reaches the minimum units to produce brushes, I can order them. This is easier for me, if there are a sufficient number of clients.

Either way,  I want to make it work. I need to be creative!

If you have an idea, please let me know!

Here are pictures of a drug store I visited yesterday.

Thank you for reading!