Hakuhodo sale till May 6 – 5% off

Hi Everyone,

Quiet days in Japan.

It seems that I am gradually adapting myself to this lifestyle.

I used to go to a gym every day, but now I cannot.

So I walk!

I found a Komede cafe, 2 stations away. This is a desert but I don’t go inside.

I walk there to get a cup of iced coffee to go, which takes about 8000 steps.

That is how I get rid of my stress – walk and coffee.

Japan is now locked down and many shops/restaurants/Izakaya have very  very few people inside…



Department stores are finally closed all over Japan till May 6, the earliest.

It depends on the Golden Week (next week), which is a holiday week, whether the lockdown continues or not.

If people still refrain from going out, the lockdown might end.

Even now, many people are working at home so I doubt Japanese go out or travel during the Gold Week.


I will sell Hakuhodo by discount – 5% off  till May 6.

All department stores are closed, so I can only get Hakuhodo after May 6, which might be delayed, depending on the corona.

It is sold at 5% discount till May 6. I will send you brushes after May 6, when department stores are open.


Please let me know if interested)

Thank you for reading!


Author: Toshiya

Make up and brushes from Japan

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